Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Keep it simple. Make it happen

I have realized that I make things too big of a deal...and then I feel failure.

I set the expectations too high...

For example:

Family meetings have to be too organized and planned and hence, don't happen (and the boys beg daily for them).

Workouts have to occur four or five times a week and when two days pass without and I feel failure, and then I mine as well start next week.

I have a pile of books I want to read and not even entire books, just certain chapters (pertaining to cooking, photography, parenting, etc), but when I look at that stack I get overwhelmed so they go back to the library untouched.  

I don't have time to get the whole bathroom cleaned, hence the ring in the toilet or the toothpaste decorated sink.

Water has to be consumed before coffee, and when that doesn't happen then why drink any water and just indulge in one more diet coke.

No unhealthy snacking, but then when I sit down and enjoy a chocolate chip cookie with two smiling littles...well, the day is shot, I best just eat sugar by the spoonful and order pizza.

And so it goes...so I am going to start a new mantra..."Keep it simple.  Make it happen."

Keep the expectations lower and succeed.  Talking to my mom and friends, helps remind me that motherhood is the most important job we will have, but there aren't raises, promotions, or most days any feedback on how we are doing.  We mamas have to find the confidence to know the choices and things we do matter.  And those choices and things we do are valuable and world changing in their own small way - and they are smattered among moments that test and push us - and we need to put on our rubber suit and bounce back from the tantrum moments of our little ones and remember the beautifully real moments too.  They are there.

This post is a good one, The Pinterest Perfect Real Mom:

Here is a snippet:

Motherhood is hard. Rewarding, yet full of exhausting physical and mental work.  How in the world can you describe how frustrating it is when the milk spills all over the floor for the 15th time this week and how you can get so frustrated over such a seemingly simple little thing. And yet, yet there it is  - overwhelm, irritation, frustration, exhaustion, worry, and yet trying again. Where's the board celebrating the mom who kept her cool as she wiped up that milk, and patted the toddler on the head, and then went up in the bathroom, and shut the door, let out just a little cry, brushed the tears away, and then came back  and started up again.

That deserves to be pinned.
Let's not lose site of the beauty in the perfect of the everyday real. Let's learn from the boards, inspire ourselves, grow, and create. But, let's also remember, it's just a pin. Just an image.  

It is Tuesday and I am off to get a haircut, kid free, thanks to my good friend Lynelle, who is willing to take on my two littles during the lunch and nap hour.  Thank you my friend.  I owe you.

Share your beautiful proud mama moment for today!  We need to celebrate them.


Anonymous said...

This is not a proud mamma moment, but a real one: Yesterday morning I sat on the floor in the play corner of our living room, calm, sipping my perfect coffee, feeling completely in-tune to both J and E. We played tea party, read book, built tunnels and railroad tracks. I could sense their moods and anticipate their every move. We were in sync. It was pure bliss. Then by the time last night rolled around I was chugging wine, shoving the kids upstairs with Matt and zoning out to pinterest with earphones on. God Bless Motherhood.

Amy M said...

My mantra (or what I am trying to make my mantra) from "The Happiness Project": DON'T LET PERFECTION BE THE ENEMY OF THE GOOD. I, too, tend to not do things unless they are able to be fully completed to the best of what I am capable of doing--the absolute best, not the realistic best. Tackling 15 minutes of cleaning when I don't have time to clean the whole house. Removing 15 too small items from the kids drawers rather than doing all the drawers, closets & cupboards. Playing a couple of short games with the kids even if I don't have 2 hours to devote to that. All things I am trying to work on . . .

shellycoulter said...

I can so relate to these thoughts!!! :)

Roz said...

Had to laugh at this post...mainly because again I can so completely relate..down to the detail. Your comment about water before coffee and then aw hell...more diet coke...is very true for me as well. Thanks for the good post!


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