Monday, March 4, 2013

Hello Monday

Hello Monday.

There is a snowstorm beginning here.

With an 8 am orchestra drop off and a 9am preschool drop off....

I granted us permission to stop at Star*bucks instead of stopping back at home.

Snowstorms give us permission to slow down and savor the snow globe world that happens outside our window.

We are granted permission to drive slow, arrive late, or skip practice.

We need to feel this permission so we are safe.

(good lord the word permission looks wrong to me, so I am sorry if I am murdering the spelling--does that ever happen to you, a word looks completely wrong at any given moment.)

And check out Henry's camera shirt.

I have been waiting and waiting for him to pick this shirt to wear.

Since Syd is wearing her camera shirt today, he was all about matching.

A friend that I don't know all that closely, but reads my blog so she knows us well,  popped over one day and gifted me this hand me down that she was gifted from a friend.  She thought of me.  So special to me.  I know that feeling when you think of someone and know you will make their day.  She made my day, BIG time.  Thank you, Katherine!

 The other day Henry asked if he could just look at all the Harry Potter books on our high shelf.

My first reaction was, "Nah, not right now buddy."  But then I had that second thought and realized I was saying "No" because, I was being lazy.  So 10 seconds later I changed my mind and his face lit up.

As mama's, sometimes it is easier to say no, because upsetting the bookshelf knowing the moment with the books will only last a few minutes, seems silly.  But it is okay to give yourself permission to change your mind and watch the smile spread on your kiddos face and his cheek muscles get a little workout!

When Charley arrived home the other day he had a new library book that he checked out at school.

He settled in for a good hour and a half and devoured the entire book.

And Miss Syd is one to follow their lead whether it involves running around with tinker toy swords, trekking across the snowy yard, or curling up with a book.

Today I am thankful that a spur of the moment carpool with another preschool mama means Syd and I can wait for Henry's smiling face to walk through the door.

Today I am thankful that Charley will get some fun recess time with friends at school.

Today I am thankful that Ed's commute was safe and his evening commute should be shorter since his meeting is closer to home than work is.

Today I am thankful that this snow dump will make the skiing that's happening this week for my boys will be that much more awesome.

Today I am thankful that  we are all feeling 95%.

Today I am thankful that I got groceries yesterday.

Today I am thankful that I had some girl time yesterday with friends that was good for my soul and the nachos hit the spot too

 Today I am thankful that Ed and I found another TV series to devote too many hours too.  But to send him off today knowing we would get to curl up and watch the second episode of Homeland together tonight is like thinking we are going on a big date, but without the babysitter fee, the stress of what to wear, or leaving the house in a snow storm.  And marriage is work, according to Ben Affleck, and enjoying something together, even if it is mindless tv, is one way we choose to invest.

And I know I will be ready to settle into the couch in my pjs after shoveling all the snow we are supposed to get today and tomorrow 6-12 inches....!

What's the scoop there? (are you scooping snow too?)


Anonymous said...

What's with the Click to continue - by Text Enhance links?

shellycoulter said...

SOunds like a lovely day! Not too much snow here. It snowed all morning...but none of it really stuck. But it is COLD! :)

Beth said...

Jealous...I planned on the family skiing Sunday until the girls informed me it's too close to State and their coach wouldn't permit it. Trying to decide if it's okay for the girls to stay home while Gregg and I will ski. Seems selfish, or is it?


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