Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday talks

 Henry 4 mo.  20 lbs of love.

Man, I am glad Ed doesn't work from home.  I am not my best mom self when he is around on a week day.  It is like an illusion of help, mixed with the idea that it is a day of relaxation, and no routine.  But boy howdy, what a treat to have him home at 5pm.  He took the boys sledding while Syd and I made dinner.  We ate at a regular hour.  A shorter commute would be ideal.

We got a prepared fresh serving of salmon at Costco today and it was delicious.  Everyone devoured it. Probably all the butter.  yum.

Girl time tonight.  Always good for the soul...even if it pushes you out of your box.

This week I texted a few friends inviting them along on this girl's night romance party thingy.  One friend emailed me laughing that her son had been playing her phone and said her son read the text in the most mono-toned 7 year old voice, "Hey, wanna go to a romance party?"  HAHA!  Gave her a good laugh.

Sydney got some new boots this week.  They are adorable and fashionable.  Not warm or made for winter. Rather, they will be adorable with leggings, dresses, and everything else. 

Syd has been an illusive napper.  Not always giving in to what should be part of a normal 2 year old's day.  But Ed has had a couple weekends where he got her down both days.  So I finally asked his secret and I finally followed his "way".  And I have gotten her to nap all three days I have done things his way.  Maybe she's growing, maybe he knows what he is doing?, who knows.  But I feel sane, I feel like life is as it should be.

A friend had to follow through with a touch consequence and we talked and tried to figure out the best plan of attack. Being a mama is hard.  Being a follow through mama is even harder.  I am so extremely proud of her.  She knew that the follow through was key to better nights in her house, but it really is the follow through that takes the guts and perseverance.  Good work, girlfriend.

Syd just through a fit that she wanted to come down from upstairs.  So Ed brought her down. She began screaming.  And high tailed it back up.  So he followed.  Then she immediately turned around and started down on her own.  Man alive, we have a girl in our house and life is going to get ugly at times.

Today I went to the school where I used to teach at.  My heart has been beating loudly ever since.  I think there might be ringing in my ear.  Any question on whether I want to get back in there...was answered.  I belong there, when the time is right.  Man, I miss it.  And just standing there, surrounded by the buzz, and the smell of school, made me remember that I did good, at least I think I did.  So I will return.  Someday.

Syd says "o.k." to everything.  It is unbelievably cute.  Cutest thing I have ever heard.  She says it with an intonation and tone that is just so adorable.  I will try to capture on camera...but just not easy to predict. 

Last weekend I watched the Princess Bride with the boys.  It is fun to think of watching normal movies with them in the not too distant future.

Dentist appointments for both boys tomorrow in the am.  It will be my fault if there are tears because getting them to brush is work and I have resorted to threatening that their teeth are rotting.  So they probably will be fearing the dentist tomorrow.

Throwback Thursday will return next week. 


Raina and Andy said...

So how was the romance party! Ha!
Can't wait to her ms. Syds ok!

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Yes you definitely have a girl on your hands. My girl is head strong too, it is a good quality to have and I remind myself all the time of this when she is asserting herself.
How was that party? And why did you return to the school you used to teach at?


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