Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sydney sledding...or rather, mama sledding. HA!

It snowed again last night.
I had a burst of energy and I found some friends to tag along!
Syd loved it....here are two videos of Sydney sledding.....or maybe I should say Mama sledding.

This is the reality of me!
This is how we roll.
Squeals and all.


Lynelle said...

Love it! Wish Oscar would have liked sledding so we could have stayed longer. Glad I tried it with him.

Roz said...

Cute post! For some reason, I couldn't help think when I watched your video clip, that I would love to have a short video of me sledding with my mom when I was two! Sydney will cherish this one! Great job getting out and capturing the moment! Moms are just not in enough photos or videos!! :)

Raina and Andy said...

I just showed Eli and he had a huge smile on his face and then he said "hi" real loud. He thought we were watching you live and you were sledding at just that minute. Hahhaha rr

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! Made me smile so wide! Syd is a lucky little lady to have you as her mom!


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