Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lego obsessed.

 With the Christmas gifts and Henry's birthday...the boys' Lego obsession has been indulged and they may be even more obsessed.  After the holidays I brought up an old kitchen table and set it up so they would have a place to work ....that wasn't

But they still ALWAYS find their way back to the kitchen table. 
Where I am. 
Where the light is. 
Where I am. 
Where they can spread out. 
Where they think Sydney can't reach. 
Where I am. 

And when 5:15pm hits you may hear me yelling all the way in Wisconsin...yelling, because I have to ask them repeatedly to clear the table for dinner and it doesn't happen without some serious threats of tossing the sets out in the snow.  (I haven't yet)

When they don't have actual sets to work on they hit up our lego bins...I say bins because the other drawer is also filled.  ALL. THREE. of my kiddos will sit here for LONNNNG chunks of time and putter with Legos.  Charley can put huge sets like the police set together in record time.  Henry is known for escaping mid afternoon to this spot and building detailed little ships for an hour or more at a time.  And Sydney is all about the little pieces too.  She learned early not to put them in her mouth.  She had to.  

For Christmas Charley also was gifted this Lego Harry Potter Game.  It's a good one.  

But ultimately,  the police station, the forest police station, a fire station, several super hero Lego guys, and more have been the thing that has been entertaining my crew.  

Lego's...I groan at the idea of giving that gift idea, buying them my self for the boys, or watching them spend their saved money.  But, they seriously are a thrill and a healthy activity that challenges them in soooo many great ways.  

Have Legos invaded your home?  


Barb said... much better than other alternative activities!! Imagination and quiet times are a bonus too. Sorry about your kitchen table "mom". Sweet dreams...

Stepping On Cheerios said...

There are legos everywhere. I need to get them organized. I started to use out old train table. I thought I could glue down those lego sheets (floors) and cover the whole top to make it easy to build on and then store the lose legos underneath in the drawers. Haven't done it yet...


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