Tuesday, January 29, 2013

bunny ears

He's getting older and my mom warned that it will be a few years before the battle with the bunny ears is over in our house.  sigh.  For a photo taking obsessed mama I am somewhat crabby about this.  But looking at these pics I can't help laugh at these boys who are growing up.

Today is Tuesday.
I got up at 5:02 to a quiet house and left at 5:08 to meet a friend at the gym. 
I proceeded down our street in our trusty minivan.
And found myself sliding in circles right around the corner of our house. 
I could not get up the hill.  I tried for 20 minutes. 

Another goal of getting to the gym daily - failed. 
I returned home and laid pondering why Sydney will get up in the four o'clock hour most days and then today...she sleeps til 6:30.   
Last night at dinner I informed Ed that if she wakes during the four o'clock hour she is fending for herself.  He agreed.  We can handle 5...and that is a risky time because the boys could potentially wake.  But four.  Ridiculous.  Enough.  Maybe she heard this discussion. 

I also have realized that letting her cry, often hard for a few moments, leads to a nap.  
Sorry, dear.  But you napped yesterday and slept til 6:30 today.  
Might this be related. 

My obsession lately - my daughters sleep. 
I do realize that she was an excellent, unbelievable baby sleeper...so this is now our season.  
And I will embrace it.  calmly.  Because I realize the gift she gave me the first year of her life.  

It is slick out.  
It is going to get bitterly cold again. 
So we are hunkered down, trying to get in a groove to tackle a little organizational project, a craft, and maybe some ABC writing time for our Henry.  He's plugging along with all of his learning and preparing for kindergarten.  Kindergarten, sigh, more pondering of that tonight.  

Ed plugged in the elliptical ...so, I won't get to the gym but I will get my sweat on.  


The Tompkins Family said...

We are having a snow day here...-32 with the windchill. It is going to be very tough to keep up my resolution of getting outside to play every day!

Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

awwww...those lift tickets. worn like a badge of honor. from one skier to another..i get how important those are to keep on your coat, to collect, and hard to snip off at the end of the season!

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

I remember the stage where I was obsessed with a nap for Maddy, it becomes a mission in the afternoon doesn't it? Completely get that.

shellycoulter said...

The boys look so cute with their little lift ticket tags on. I remember never wanting to cut those off when I was a kid! And I would save them from year to year! They are likely still in a box somewhere under my moms house! :) haha!


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