Friday, January 4, 2013

2 gifts.

Every Christmas there is usually a gift or two that I am most excited to give.  
Sometimes it is something the person asked for and sometimes it is a surprise. 
One year I shared with my family that my name draw gift was going to change the person's life.  
Andy got a GPS from me and I think it may have changed their life, at least it changed Raina's. Ha! 

This year we got a sitter and went out to do a little shopping just Ed and I.  We also grabbed dinner. 
After dinner, and two martinis, we wandered a fancy mall type shopping establishment.  
We wandered through William's Sonoma and gazed at all the over-priced gizmo's, gadgets, and other cooking necessities (said while rolling my eyes).  LOVE all their stuff, but much of it is so extravagant.  While wandering we came upon the gift I was most excited to give....or rather have the kids give to their Grandma Charlie. 


Every visit they know they will get pancakes and sausage.  
Every visit she lets them ALL crowd her cooking space and flip pancakes - something mama doesn't do at home, because we have pancakes every other day and I make them in the morning before school and in order for that to happen things have to work fast and furious.  But Grandma Charlie let's them all stir, mix, flip, and Charley is even cracking eggs at Grandma's house.  
So when I saw this....I had to get it.  

Another fun gift we gave were "clicky shoes" least I called them clicky shoes when I was growing up.  I would put them on and walk back and forth in any room of our house that didn't have carpeting.  I loved them.  When my cousin Emma was little I remember my mom getting her a box with several pairs.  I had this idea in mind for my niece Morgan and then when she had them on her list I knew it was something that had to get wrapped for her.  And oh what fun it was to see her helping her little cousin Sydney try them on too.  And when Syd woke up the morning after they were given she went straight to them when she woke up.  I don't think it will be very long before we have some clicky shoes clicking around our house.  

Posting has been often in the last 24 hours.  So if you are first seeing this may want to scroll  down and see a few other posts that appeared in the last 24 hours :)

Happy Weekending friends.  More posts to come.

We do have a birthday boy in the house.  


Grandma Charlie said...

Love that R2D2 spatula! Thank you, so happy you spotted it, Sarah.

Stepping On Cheerios said...


Anonymous said...

What was the name draw gift that was going to change someone's life?


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