Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Syd's first haircut!

It was time.  She is almost 23 months old. 
I'd like to say that when mama isn't around to put her hair in piggies, it lays straggly like this.  
But, who are we kidding, even when mama is around it still looks like this most days.  

Ed didn't want me to get it cut....maybe because he thought she would walk out of the salon with a pixie like me.  But finally, I just told him, I am taking her to get her bangs trimmed and maybe a little clean up.  So technically this wasn't a complete haircut.  We only were charged for a bang trim...thank goodness, because we took her to a real salon.  

 Sitting there waiting her turn she kept pointing at the chair saying "chair." 
I kept telling her, "Yes, you are going to sit in the chair like a big girl."
Then she would slap the top of her head and say, "cut."
And I assured her, "Yes, you are going to get a pretty cut, like a big girl."

I feared she would cry, but was armed with a dum dum sucker and a lap that was ready for one little girl to snuggle up on.   
But look....

She smiled and beamed through the whole thing. 
Even when the big pointy scissor was in her face.
She didn't need a movie playing in front of her. 
She didn't need to sit on mama's lap.  
She didn't need a sucker or a silly chair that looked like a car.  
She was ready for the real salon chair.
Maybe, because now....

She can see!

We only got a slight trim.  Her hair is still very wispy and baby like.  The sides haven't grown down yet and I was really afraid the person to cut it would make them into bangs and cause more disruption in the process of growing her hair into a nice shape.  But this gal knew what she was doing.  
Probably because she is labeled a "Child Hair Specialist."  Love that.  
Thanks Megan!  We'll go back.  And thanks Amy for the words of wisdom.  

Megan even let her pick a bow from a box.  
She picked the zebra stripped bow.  

I will try and get a better after picture tomorrow. 
I know there are still a lot of side hairs that will fall forward and make her bangs look messy.  
But for now, this mama is happy because she can finally see her little blue eyed bird.  

*My mom tells me that when I was crabby she would take me to get my hair cut and I was a new person afterwards.  I think Miss Syd is going to enjoy many happy haircuts in the years to come.  Just like her mama. 


The Tompkins Family said...


Kristen @ Motherese said...

She looks adorable!!! It's really time for me to get my daughter's hair cut too, but my husband is totally resistant. (What is it about these dads not wanting their babies to get a nice little trim?) :)

Danifred said...

Just lovely!


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