Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Joy

 Syd is playing more and more. 
This is an old toy of Charley's.
She pulls it around and even feeds it. 
Ed said one night, "Maybe we should get Syd a dog for Christmas."
Then we had Floyd visit and four days later I realized why a dog isn't here yet.  
DOG HAIR!  Man, when you don't have a dog it seems so extreme.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
Even though it slows everything down, makes going out a little more of a production with the boots and mittens.  This white stuff does put you in the holiday spirit...and it does give your kids hours of entertainment, at least early in the season. 

Each week Charley's class gets a word of the week to investigate. 
They have to show it's meaning in some way.  This week the word was opaque. 
We rocked this word by coming up with a little demonstration.  Hope he had fun with it.  I am just glad I finally convinced him that he can do something other than write and draw a picture. 

Man alive, I wish we could see my little nephews more often.  
For little spurts of time that are regular, normal, and simple...instead of always attached to a vacaction or holiday.  But thanks to technology my sister and I can Facetime and pretend we are having breakfast together.  This morning we got to say, "How big is Hughie?"  and he totally did it with us.  

And here are more joys from our week.
1.  Breakfast most mornings
2.  Static hair
3.  Starbucks from my hubby
4.  Henry prepping for surgery
5.  Henry concentrating on filling out Christmas tags
6.  First big snowfall
7.  Snowstorm dinner...lacking groceries so brinner it is.
8.  Shopping...kinda fun let them push the carts.
9.  New's a step in the right direction

Last week Ed's company hosted their annual holiday dinner party. 
Fun to get dressed up...more fun to dig deep and find a dress and boots that work.

This weekend we are going to work hard to bring joy to others.  
I am determined to keep finding ways to teach my boys the real reason for this season. 
We are hoping to squeeze in a little Toys for Tot shopping, Salvation Army Bell ringing, and I might finally get to go experience the Feed My Starving Children service project with Charley.  Some of these things are happening all at the same time so we will see who goes where and how much we can swing.  

And if you haven't read this post this week.  GO.  I think every mama needs to read it. 

Where was your joy this past week?  Where will your joy be this weekend?

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Veronica and Daniel said...

Ha! I love the static hair :) AND we are huge fans of brinner. I have been hoping for a white Christmas but no snow for my area yet...


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