Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Today I prioritized joy

I recently found this blog, Finding Joy, and I have barely spent any time reading much...but the couple of posts I clicked on were just what I needed to read.  So I will add it to my blog list on the side of my blog in the next day or two.  But her post titled Dear Mom, This is Why You Matter and her posts on the monotony of motherhood.  Were two that gave great reminders.  Her posts seem to be just the right length...so adding it as a place to possibly click on for a quick boost of inspiration works slick.

After reading, I pondered, and I realized that lately I am so busy tidying up toys, dropping off and picking up kids, making meals and cleaning up meals, and now adding in all the holiday to do lists...well sometimes I forget that being home with my kiddos is supposed to be about them and not about the to do lists and responsibilities.  I can't neglect all of it.  But I can prioritize an hour or two or take advantage of a boost of energy to get out and go on an adventure and not worry that I won't have enough time to pack a suitcase.  I notice that with Henry's preschool routine we rarely take mornings to go on little adventures to indoor parks, the zoo, or anywhere fun.

So while my mom wrote an email reminding me to start packing today so I am not a nutcase tomorrow...I hurriedly packed up my van so that we could do multiple things or only one thing.  It was going to be a fly the seat of our pants morning (library, Target, zoo, mall...the possibilities endless) We attempted to snag a friend or two but it was too last minute, which is understandable.

But instead of worrying about the breakfast dishes, packing the suitcase, folding the laundry, or whatever else I would have come up with...Syd and Henry and I hit the zoo.  I didn't bring a stroller or a big diaper bag of stuff.  Just my camera and my kids.  I figured we would hike as far as Syd's little feet would take her and then head home...or rather stop for a few needed items at the grocery store and then settle in at home for the afternoon.


The weather here is unbelievably beautiful and to wander the zoo and snap a few pictures was just what this mama needed.  I have felt a lack of blogging motivation.  I will admit to using the phrase, "not today,"  "not right now,"  "in a little bit,"  and "first let's clean up." with my kids.   I hadn't really picked up my camera in almost two weeks.  And so instead of anything else that should have gotten done this morning...we wandered at Sydney's pace.

The new black bears were awake and roaming right by the glass (even though they warned us that they were getting into their hibernating sleepy mode and would probably be sleeping). The baby lynx were playing tag, and the beaver was working on chewing up sticks and moving them about (he is usually sleeping).

And after an hour and a half we wandered back out to the car, made two stops on the way home, and guess what...Syd was napping within minutes of putting her down.  The girl was pooped.  So now I can get a few things done knowing I filled their little cups up with some mama attention and adventure.

As the busy holiday season descends on us, it is fun and exciting to get swept up in the busy-ness...but it is so good to put yourself in your kiddos shoes and slow down and absorb their spirit...because their joy is in the time spent together, the holiday adventures, oohing and ahhing over decorations and songs, and the magic.  My goal this upcoming month of December is to pause and play in the snow, wander the yard looking for winter treasures, simplify the present shopping errands, enjoy warm beverages that require sipping rather than guzzling, and making moments to gather with friends to nibble cookies and other treats a priority.  And maybe another morning strolling at the zoo at Miss Syd's pace.

What moment brought you joy today?


The Tompkins Family said...

I love this!!!

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Sorry we couldn't make it today. Finger painting was what brought joy this morning for us, and baking cookies. We leave tomorrow AM, so now it is time to pack!

Jessica said...

Reading books in the afternoon. Abby loves it when she says "one more story" and the answer is always yes. Love afternoon marathon book reading. JG

Barb said...

Joy! When I asked for an afternoon off to hang with a friend on her birthday and it was approved by my boss. Joy!

Anonymous said...

My moment of joy involved a chair at the hair salon. :)
Love your spontaneous day. What a way to kick off the holiday season. You'll never regret enjoying the weather.

Raina and Andy said...

Getting out of the house alone tonite....ahhh bliss. Rr


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