Friday, November 16, 2012

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This was in a book I was reading to Syd before bed...she giggled and pointed...I did not.  

It's Friday and as I ponder the upcoming weekend with my littles I am trying to think balance.  With the busy responsibilities of picking up Boy Scout wreaths and delivering them to our neighbors, to getting Charley to a birthday party with a present in hand, mixed with a little nap for Sydney, a workout for mama, some quiet time where the kids can get bored and then find themselves immersed in whatever creative play bubbles forth from the boredom...easy meals, a new recipe, early morning coffee balanced with bedtimes that roll around promptly...the weekend will roll most smoothly if I think it out a tad and prepare to go with the flow.

This morning at Sydney's school the parent discussion allowed us to share some of our favorite games. And I scribbled down a few ideas for Christmas lists or even this weekend (some require nothing but imagination).  Again, thankful to have this hour.  I wasn't sure if I was going to like having the class on Friday...but now I realize that spending my morning chilling with my girl, chatting with other moms who all want the best for their children, while getting out of the house...well, all this combines into a  recipe that makes for a perfect start to the weekend.

The temperatures here in Minnesota are supposed to be a bit balmy and enjoyable this weekend.  So we will get out for some fresh air.  Yesterday I took Syd and Henry on a stroller ride and two neighbors commented on the LOAD I was pushing.  Henry was complaining about being chilly so I told him to get out and run with me for a bit.  We got many smiles as he and I raced from one point to another point along our walk.  Fresh air does wonders for a person's attitude whether they are 3 months or 100 years old.  If you are finding your little one isn't able to pull it together or you are out of sorts...take a quick walk to the mailbox, go for a walk, take a drive with the car window open for a bit...bundle up and go!  Little ones can handle it for reasonable chunks of time...and it usually works.  When we couldn't get Syd to take a bottle we even took her outside to try.

Last night I spent an hour on a four way video chat with three college girl friends.  We are going to gather once a month to talk mommy stuff.  Kind of like a book club.  It was so fun to see each other, have conversation, and take that time to hang out.  I look forward to the next "date."

I made the leap and bought a pair of boots and skinny jeans...and that orange polka dot scarf (shown below).  Why not?  Last year when I went to that mom's conference out on the East coast there was a lot of this look going on and I remember thinking...maybe it was a goal to make the skinny jean plunge.  It seems to be sticking around.  I have to say that I am feeling okay with it.  The more I wear them the more they feel like a normal part of my take a fashion leap...put on some earrings, a scarf, a necklace, some lipstick, or a funky hat...a sweater style you aren't sure of...and go for it.  Make yourself wear it often and soon it won't feel "not you."

Thanksgiving rolls around next week and I am looking forward to some time in the car with my family....okay, not really the time in the car...but I am looking forward to the tradition of seeing family, eating yummy food til we have to change into comfy pants (heck, maybe I will just start the day in comfy pants), and so much more.

Syd is napping.  I will admit to putting her down when we got home today and getting her back up realizing that I hadn't fed her lunch.  Putting her back down brought about some strong protests...but those strong protests gave way to a sleeping girl only 5 minutes after reputting her down.   Now it is time for my boy.  We have BIG plans for the afternoon and I hope to start sharing more of what we do around here to keep busy.  Soon...

Here is a glimpse at our week via can find me on there as mamasarah.

And here are a few links that I loved this week.

Roll a Turkey game...I think this could work for any age that is aware of a dice!

Light 'em up! friend Sarah sent me this and I think I am going to strive to do some of this because it would be sooooo good for the boys and I think it would bring out more of the spirit of the season.   Whether you do the whole thing as it is presented or make it work for your family...the list of ideas to make December about giving and doing kind things, is so awesome!

the reason you need margin in your day...I love when blogs I follow share real moments...not just the perfectly behaved children posts, or the incredible vacations, or the ultimate craft and cooking successes....but the ones where you are reminded that they are normal moms of normal families.  And this one has good points about our days.

This weekend I am hoping to work on my blog a bit...I noticed that I never added Sydney to my About page, and my activity page somehow disappeared, and I think I have a few recipes to add to my recipe page.  We'll see if I can squeeze some of this in.  Oh, and Henry reminded me that we usually decorate for Christmas this we might fit that in too.

Happy Friday...
and we wish you some splendid weekending.

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shellycoulter said...

What kind of boots did you get? They look very similar to mine. I was a little leary at first too...but I love them so much now. Way to just go for it! :)


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