Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Kid Activity: Easy holiday craft #1

Whether you consider yourself a crafty mama or not, this will keep your little busy for a nice chunk of time with very little mess.
Cut some strips of green paper in different lengths and have him/her glue them from long to short in the shape of a tree!  Add a trunk and star on top if you want to get fancy!

Let them put glue in their hair if you want to get even fancier!
Maybe she is putting glue in her hair so she can glue her bangs out of her eyes, poor girl.  

Then you have options...you can limit the paint to white and have them add snowflakes with a q-tip.
Or you can give them color options and have them add lights/ornaments to the tree.

Since you have the paint out and you are feeling all "super crafty mom-ish"
Why not keep going.
Give your little a little how to draw a house lesson.  
And then turn that house into Clark Griswald's Christmas light extravaganza.

Mount that sucker on some black paper and you might feel really arty!

I have actually found that kid's art can really pop if you do mount the picture on another piece of paper ...kinda like you are framing it.  It really makes the piece seem official.  And you can strategically pick the mounting paper to accent the color or element you want to accent.  

 Q-tips and scissors.
Paint and paper.
And the holly jolly mama will have a moment with their little that is festive and cheery. 

We are still hunkered down here getting good at coughing and wiping noses.  
But it is actually slowing me down and letting the holiday season arrive slowly. 
I think if we were feeling top notch we would be worrying about shopping and baking...all things that can wait.  So today is about reading our holiday books, decking the halls a bit more, and resting while taking in a little holiday cartoon.  Bless the DVR for taping multiple shows each day that celebrate the season.  

My cup of coffee started to hit the spot today.  woo hoo.  It might mean I am starting to say I am feeling more healthy than sick. 

Time to clean up the craft...and the kids!  This is as close to live blogging as you can get! 


Barb said...

So I wonder if Eli and his mom will take on this project later this week? Looks so fun, jingle bells, jingle bells...

Crystal said...

Love these ideas - sometimes the best crafty ideas are the simplest! And I love the pic of Syd pointing the glue at her hair!

Raina and Andy said...

Yes yes yes!we will be doing this! Rr

MOMOF2 said...

Super simple...love!! What is the black material you put on the table when doing crafts? Seems like same one always, must be easy to clean up??

Justine G. said...

I love this craft! Simple enough to occupy the kids while I do something else near by!

Debi @ Adorned From Above said...

Thanks so much for sharing at Wednesday's Adorned From Above Blog Hop. This weeks party is live. I hope to see you there.
Debi, Joye and Myrna (The Busy Bee's)


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