Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wednesday rambles...because I can.

Okay, instead of like 10 different posts today I am going to hammer out a big one with pics and updates and then hit post.

This kid.

I just discovered that flannel looks good on him.
And whether he hunts someday like his dad and Grandpa Ed....the kid can sport some flannel like the best of 'em.  And please note, that last weekend he went out to Grandpa's cabin and climbed a 16 foot tree stand....ya, I didn't know that was happening...good thing, because I wouldn't have been able to nap for over an hour and a half on Grandma's couch.

Not only can this guy make flannel look good.
He is mastering his letters and sounds with me his mama.
We are taking it slow but he is taking off.

This past month we added a little munchkin named Grace to our tribe during the day.
And Henry took to her and gave her so much love and attention.  He watched out for her, played with her, held her, and just always showed so much kindness.  There were days when he wanted to go on outings to the zoo or to a friend's house but he never put up a stink because these two beauties in his life needed naps.  He is quite the man.

Sydney has been baking with us.  And yesterday when we made these cookies (which you should go read the post describing them if you are a woman who has monthly is a great post)....and a great recipe!  But look at the love and pure enjoyment he gets from watching his sister lick that spoon like it is the last spoon licking experience in her life....when actually it was her first!

And this little sister of his, she's looking at him here.
She kept stopping and looking at him and I finally caught it on camera.
She really does love him and she really does copy EVERYthing he does.
Which keeps us all on our toes.

Then there is this kid who has been working on violin at school for a few weeks now. 
He came home last year with this flyer in his hand, and I knew it was an important one.  
And it was all about a program giving children the chance to learn a string instrument.  
He hesitantly asked if he could do this. 
And I calmly replied, "sure."  Even though I was fist pumping and jumping around squealing inside.  

He has been counting down to the day when he got to bring his instrument home. 
And the other day he did.  And he has practiced each day this week.  
It will be so fun to watch him figure this instrument out. 
He is really proud.  And so are we.

On another note....

*I am getting better at putting pigtails in my girl's hair.

*I have kept up with laundry folding and putting away this week.  So proud.

*I watched Parenthood last night and cried multiple times.  Love that show. 

*if you have a little one who likes to play with stickers but has trouble getting them off a sticker sheet on their's a trick...peel off the extra stuff around the stickers.  Makes it a whole lot easier for those little fingers!

*I recently got this shirt in the mail.  I LOVE IT.

*We've been going to a different library lately and we are doing pretty good with our library fines...or rather a lack of fines.  Last week I thought I was going to literally end up in a loony bin when I spent 25 minutes searching for lost books and lost other books during the search.  Seriously.  I was brought back to sanity when I could bundle up my three littles and drop off the books without getting out of the car.  LOVE drive up return boxes.  And will appreciate them even more when it is 20 below zero!

*I have been trying to figure out why this whole "Vote No and support marriage equality" has me so emotional.  I know Ed, my mom, my sister, and a few friends can speak to this fact about my thoughts lately.  It is so on my mind.  And I have been trying to figure out why.  And then I read this letter from a mom of a four year old and it might be starting to make sense.  I am thinking of my children, my children's friends, my nieces and nephews, and the hundreds of students I came to love as my own when I was their teacher...and I want them all to have happy lives where they NEVER feel this type of inequality has human beings.  And I also think of the fact that I am a woman and I am so grateful for all those people who fought for my rights when women weren't treated fairly.  We are Americans.  We are all humans.  It weighs heavily on my heart that this issue that shouldn't be an issue is an issue with this election.  Does that make sense.  

*Syd and I are experiencing our first week where we have MWF mornings together.  And it is an interesting and enjoyable 2 1/2 hours that we have.  It is new this week and it is taking everything in me not to run to Target with just one child.  This new routine will be good.  

*Syd is napping again.  She started with a good nap on Friday and Saturday.  Sunday we travelled and she didn't really nap.  Monday and Tuesday she napped good.  This mama is ecstatic.  She needed it....sleep is one of my obsessions as a mama.  I want my kids to get their sleep and when they aren't...well this mama obsesses.  Obsessing can end.  And feeling more caught up with the house and Henry can resume.  

*I need my haircut SO badly.  I can't get in until next Tuesday.  Thank goodness it is super windy lately, because that is my excuse to why it looks bad ALL. THE. TIME.

*It is Charley's year for a kid birthday party.  And we have the beginning plans in the works.  I am determined to throw him a traditional little at home party.  We'll see if I can pull it off.

*The boys' decided confidently on what they wanted to be for Halloween.  And sadly, I could not convince them to go with my ideas.  I realized that Halloween isn't about the mama and her dreams of what she wants her kids to be for Halloween...rather it is about the kids picking who/what they want to be and being excited and proud and happy.  So their costumes are pretty much done.  And I am just thankful I found a deal and that I don't have to worry about it any longer. 

*Does anyone else have a talented cherry tomato poppin' talented I mean she has the ability to pop an entire cherry tomato in her mouth and send juice and seeds splurting all over the kitchen floor.  Seriously.  

Well, Syd needs a diaper change and I have babbled on long enough.  
It is chilly in our house.  I may need to up the temp a tad since Syd takes her socks off...which I am kinda glad about because her feet are far less slippery without socks....even with the grippy ones.  Life is good.  Fall is here.  Closets have been transitioned and gloves have been located.  Christmas wreath sales are rolling in...anyone else interested let me know!  Charley would love to sell to you.  

Time to change a diaper...and if you are in the mood for a mood altering Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookie...stop by and I will throw one or two your way....PLEASE!  Seriously, stop by and grab one.  

What's on your mind?

Two other posts were made prior to this one since I was up at 0'dark thirty this morning!


Anonymous said...

great idea about the stickers! henry does look good in flannel. awwww! love your rambling posts. i want to stop by for a cookie and a gab session. and a glass of wine. and a hug for all 3 in your tribe. and and and.
whats on my mind??? too much!
aunt rr

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Love pigtails in little girls.
A nap is on my mind today, I am hoping my girl is taking one right now, she is in need of it.
I am behind on things here, commenting on blogs I love to read, like yours. Laundry, tidying. But I am thinking it is the perfect day to get some raking in.


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