Thursday, October 18, 2012

moving away from the mundane...

 Feeling funky this am?
How do you get out of not appreciating the mundane mothering things...
emptying the dishwasher, feeding your crew, folding laundry, wiping up a toilet mess because little boys can't seem to aim, fearing the whines that lie ahead when you request everyone get dressed or get bundled to go get haircuts or return library books, breaking up tedious bickering or letting it go and being confident that letting them work it out will be worth something?  

How do you change your attitude from "I have to..."  to "I get to...."

Because when you really look at your life you get to...


Since sitting down to begin this post I got to...

...feed the frenzy of hungry kids scrambled eggs, toast, and sausage
...and then clean up.
....enjoy two large cups of coffee
....fold three baskets of laundry and get them upstairs in hopes of putting them away
...vacuum up the lower level after moving the front room couch around a tad
...set up all our little animals on the window sill with Miss Syd
...change two poopy diapers
....take away our real phone from Syd 
....throw in two loads of laundry
....demand the TV be turned off 
...wash some pans another mom friend out so she only has one at the doctor's office instead of four
...and mostly,

climb my way out of the mom funk I began this morning with. 
The fog is lifting.
The reality and circumstances of today are being appreciated.

move from the mundane to the majestic!

How do you change your mood?
How do you get out of a mom funk?
What do you "GET TO" do today?


Anonymous said...

Ha. I was just sitting here thinking how I don't want to do this at all today. Guess we'll get out some finger paints and try again. Thanks Sarah. JG

Raina and Andy said...

Today I got to set up gains with Eli, kick the ball in the basement...oh and shoot hoops in the basement and make muffins all with Eli. I got to cherish a loooong nap for hughie. I also got to feed the boys, fill the dishwasher, change 2 poopy diapers and fold laundry. It's gonna be a good day but I don't have an answer for you...just keep breathing. Get out your camera and take random shots. Rr

Barb said...

OK, I just read a book "A Lantern in her Hand". I do not really recommend it as a quick page turner, but it left me with some wonderful, heavy thoughts...the woman's favorite memory of all, when she was old, was of her family sitting around the table for dinner, the table set for meals, hearing the family members voices before calling them to the meal, laughing, playing, living life in the mundane everyday moments. At least that's what I took from it and it's a heartwarming thought to get out of the mom funk.


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