Wednesday, October 10, 2012

embracing the local fall...

 A five minute walk after school allows us to enjoy a little local fall fun. 
for free.

And one day last week we didn't hesitate to put off the snack and homework routines.

And we took advantage of the sun shining.

And I was once again reminded that going on an adventure with just our tribe can be simple and pleasant.  Perfect.

We all grabbed an apple to munch on our journey home. 

And it was a choice I am so glad we made.
As the temperatures have dropped and the wind has picked up and we even got some much needed rain yesterday.  

After school hours this year seem to fly by.  
I don't know if there is more "stuff" to fit in...homework, snack, football practice, chess club, violin practice, outside energy burning time, (our first month of school we ran errands after school), and dinner making....
Or, if my crew just is a bit more independent with their needs and play and I don't spend this witching hour time wishing for Ed's arrival and bedtime, as much....
I'm not sure...but I am relishing it.  The time of my day when we all gather together again...
even if there is some fighting and button pushing. 
And taking on a little simple adventure like this one sometimes  is just what we all needed.

How are you celebrating fall this week?

P.S.  There might be multiple posts today....Syd is going through a "stage" where she wakes at 5:08.  YES, excactly.  And I am embracing the wee morning blog time.

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Anonymous said...

fall this week....going to make soup and maybe get pumpkins this weekend. eli practicing trick or treat. his treats are trains and puzzle pieces. i remind him to say thank you. ha
love syds stripes!
aunt rr


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