Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kid activity - Q-tip fall tree painting

Before summer ended we cleared the back of our front door where we hang our projects and art. 
And we prepared for the exciting fall ahead. 
The door has been blank for over two weeks so Henry and I got to work on some fall art.

We made fall trees using paint and q-tips.

Draw and color or cut and paste a tree trunk and some branches.
We cut and pasted because it allowed Henry to practice skills he has been working on in preschool.
Henry's branches were beautiful.  They had a more realistic look to them...mine were far too straight.

Help your kiddo identify the typical fall guide from using purple and blue.  
Or let them do their thing and use purple and blue.
Show them how to just dip the tip and make 1-3 dots and the redip. 
A different q-tip for each color so the colors don't mix.  

And if you are someone who likes to hang their work up...mounting their work on a colored piece of construction paper makes it POP! that much more. 

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