Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Charley's first day of school...so far!

Summer has officially ended and I am officially depressed.
I had a great summer....hence the tears that were shed waiting for the school doors to open...
caused a little by the morning chaos, a little from Charley being in second grade, and a lot by the incredible summer that we just had.  Ed reassured me that it was a good thing to not want summer to end, right?  Typically, I am a lover of change.  It is a new time to start goals, start fresh, re-energize.  

But for some reason, I am not ready this school year.  
So I will leave you with the most amazing email letter that Charley got. 
Ed and I read it last night before bed and then Ed sat with Charley and read it this morning. 
Even after reading it the night before...Ed had tears this morning. 
He gets it.  The fact that we don't remember Charley learning to say Tuesday...thank goodness his Aunt does.  Raina, thanks for giving Ed and I a moment of pause this morning.  It is all going so fast and it means the world to have others soaking up the details of our little miracles.  

Aunt Raina gave me permission to share...

Dear Charley, 

My first godson.
My only godson. 

You are so special to me. You don't know how special and won't know for quite a while. 

For a long time you were the only "little" in my life and I was quite obsessed with your every picture. I still am but in a different way. You are a big guy now...I have to be more proud and excited for you than anything else. 

 From your "you wanna know what?" to your interest in reading, games, Legos, figuring out how things work, eating 2 or 3 platefuls at meals, growing like a weed, being an awesome big brother to both Henry and Sydney in different ways for both,... I just can't get enough of you. And I don't...I wish you were closer so I could come over and share some pancakes with you and shed a tear with your mom as you trudge off with your big green Charley backpack. Into the 2nd big grade you go. Amazing.  

Do you know that I remember when you moved into your house you live in now? You were wearing little gray pants that had a fanny pack on the butt. And you had JUST learned to say "Tuesday". I remember the Christmas you got a bunch of cars and got sooooo excited. I remember you learning to sound out letters and words and even remember going on a " bear hunt" when we went camping in the dells.

Good luck on your first day of school. Hope you got a good night of rest. I know your teacher will be awesome and you will learn and grow leaps and bounds this year. I wonder what science experiments your class will try, or if you will learn to subtract or what you will soon know how to spell. I hope you find new library books to bring home and return on time. I hope your mom reminds you to return them. Remember to treat each friend and classmate with respect. No matter what. Be the nice guy. Don't cut in line or talk out of turn. Your mom and dad have taught you such good manners and I KNOW you will use them. Hopefully all the others will treat you the same because you deserve to smile all day long. 

I can't wait to hear how the day goes. Are you bringing your lunch or buying in the cafeteria? What are you wearing? What is packed in your back pack? These little things I want to know about....sometime I hope I can FaceTime with you. Just you. So I can ask you all my questions without all the distractions of every day life in the background. Maybe I could be eating ice cream and you could be eating ice cream and we could be talking....just like if I lived closer and had taken you out for ice cream (like I wish I could). Because you deserve that! 

Have a great first day....away you go....fly and thrive through second grade. It will be an awesome and inspiring year. 

Love, Your Aunt Raina



Heather (One Take On Life) said...

What a great letter:) I too found myself not ready to let go of summer, I was sad driving away from school. So much change.

Barb said...

Very meaningful, special, awesome and amazing! Just to get some of those memories down is awesome. Charley shows joy just like his mom you know, and I think he will always love life and all of its wonders and accomplishments. Way to go Charley, big 2nd grader!

Roz said...

UGh. Tears in MY eyes too. What a treasured note to Charlie. I think those things are important when you have multiple siblings, no?
Glad to hear he had a great first day. I'm also inspired to hear you say you didn't want summer to end as so many moms are just dying for that first day of school. Kudos to you for being aware of the summer days you had with your kids--they will forever treasure those memories too and look forward to next summer as well.


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