Monday, August 13, 2012

just add a few lemons...

The boys' biggest "Summer Bucket List Item" was the idea of a lemonade stand. 
They woke up, pretty much every morning, this summer asking if they could have one. 
Over, and over, and over, aaaaand over, I had to explain that a stand on a cul de sac was pointless.  

So when we planned a last minute summer trip north to Grandma Charlie's we figured we would advertise on Facebook and hope to bring some local friends up the hill for a cool glass of lemonade.
My expectations were low on the number of customers that we expected. 
Henry said while falling asleep the night before, "I have to go to sleep so I have lots of energy for the lemonade stand tomorrow."  The boys imagined 100s of people.  

Grandma had just the right little yellow table.
And in the cozy kitchen they worked on signs.
My tribe of three little entrepreneurs.

Then Grandma and her eldest grandson made lemonade out of a few lemons.
Always the case up north...whether the sun shines, rain falls, or it is cooler by the lake - we make lemonade out of our time up here. 

Chocolate Chip cookies were baked and blueberry muffins made from blueberries picked by grandma...

A cute pitcher that both boys could pour from. 

While Grandma finished muffins the boys and I ripped fabric from her ENORMOUS bin of scrap fabric and tied it onto a long piece of fabric....I kinda got my Pinterest thing on and I was kinda proud of the finished product.  And while daddy rigged up the signs and posted them out around town...we figured out how to hang this banner to attract the customers.  

When we could hear a car coming the kids all ran and did their job of waving, jumping up and down, yelling, and looking as adorable as possible. 

And it worked.  The quarters turned into dollars...and even $5.00!
Ed and I worry that they have a pretty rosy illusion of the profit capabilities of a lemonade stand, because the customers were all adults who couldn't help but tip our crew...

 At one point I sat back in my lawn chair taking in the busy and so happy to see the boys manning their station, Syd excited to see daddy scooping lemonade, and grandma chatting with the customers...who were actually lining up!

An hour adventure turned into a whole day of running around outside at Grandma's and enjoying a possible new summer annual lemonade stand at Grandma's.  

Life is good.  Little boys dreams came true. 


The Tompkins Family said...

Quite possibly my most favorite post ever!!

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there!


shellycoulter said...

Awesome! That is the cutest lemonade stand I've ever seen! :) Love it!

jessica said...

I too wish we could have stopped by. I am pretty sure that the lemonade was the best lemonade served at any lemonade stand this summer. The treats looked so good too!


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