Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Pictures to share and some ramblings...

This little girl has an ear infection...with a fever that just won't let up.
But it doesn't stop her from running...

Because if you have an almost 1 1/2 year old in your know all they want to do is scout out the land, explore, move, and just keep going.

The guy on the left has been tearing apart a VCR at invention camp so he can build some contraption that will pop a water balloon. 

And the guy on the right is currently battling his nemesis, "pneumonia." 
This is his second opportunity to take this bugger down.  And Henry will prevail. 
The doc said it is normal after surgery to come down with pneumonia.  So we'll take it.  And he'll kick it.

He will kick it so that we can go up north and spend some time with Grandpa on his boat, fishing, and letting the wind blow in our hair.

He'll kick it so we can go get forehead kisses from Grandma Barb.

He'll kick it so that we can go have adventures with cousin Eli.

He will kick it so that they can put their minnow catching 2012 skills to the test.
As you can see they were already in the minnow spying position at the wedding.

And we will all be ready for a week of fresh cottage breezes, morning coffee on the dock, dinner at the picnic table, showers that get us mostly clean, and snuggles with this little guy.

He will be just about the age Sydney was last year. 
So crazy that last year she was laying around or sitting in the bouncy up on the hill watching life take place around her.  And this year this little guy will take the spots on many laps.

And this little busy body will be into everything. 
Am I ready? not quite, yet. 
But I will be.

We'll nap once or twice.
We have Henry's post op doc appointment, yay for a chance to see daddy mid-day.
I will keep myself motivated and get my workout on this evening since my alarm didn't go off this morning. 
And we will continue to relish the slow days of summer.


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

not fun. I hate it when the kids are sick. Hang in there. My little one is sick today too. I woke up to a very unhappy girl this morning sporting a fever and I am thinking it is the same 24 hr bug my other two had just a few day ago. But it is good you have something to look forward to after beating this week of sickies. Thinking of you today

The Tompkins Family said...

Oh my gosh, the picture of Syd melts me! And I adore her top, where did you get it?


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