Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just sayin'

No matter how I edit this picture, I just can't get the focus on that lovely farm tractor.  This year for the Fourth of July parade Grandma went 45 minutes early to nab us a spot in the shade, and she did!...unfortunately, even after asking the adults sitting standing   next to us if they could step didn't take the hint and felt she had to stand the entire time right in front of Sydney and Grandma.  Don't get me wrong, we love kids standing and running grabbing up candy, ours were...but come on.  It was impossible to take in any of the parade until it was smack in front of us because of that beauty in the purple dress... Just sayin'

This morning we scored a grocery bag full of Legos at a garage sale.  Having two boys and a little girl that LOVES Lego's...I was slightly giddy over only paying $5.00.  And bags filled with treasures like that are entertaining for hours.  Today, will be a good day.  Just sayin'

While out and about this morning there was a townhouse burning...and when I say burning, I mean we saw a serious fire that was probably going to alter MANY lives since it was a center townhouse with townhouses on both sad.  We came home after make sure the coffee pot was off.  Just sayin'

At the Fourth of July parade I love that the boys share candy they grab if one of them isn't fast enough.  They also share with the kids around them, including the kids who's moms are out there grabbing candy.  Just sayin'

Henry and I have been enjoying the Pioneer Woman's cooking show.  And we decided to try making these bars after watching the show.  Leaving out the 1 1/2 cups of flour was not intentional and made the bars NOT turn out.  Adding the flour in after it had been cooking for 30 minutes kinda improved the consistency.  And they still tasted good.  Just sayin'

Yesterday I decided Ed and I needed a date night.  So I texted our babysitter and she was available.  As she walked up and said Hello I noticed she didn't sound like the babysitter I had been telling the boys would be coming over today.  I guess I better register their numbers with names in my contacts on my phone.  We had a sitter, just not the one we thought, but the important thing was Ed and I escaped and walked for a sushi dinner....Just sayin'

My boys devoured grandma's lasagna last week.  Telling me I should make it more often.  So today I will throw that together, if Sydney is less clingy.  And the boys will sit at the table until they eat at least one piece, since I HAVE made it before ....Just sayin'

We used our compost in the garden this year and the tomato plants are OUT. OF. CONTROL.  And there was a squash that got tilled in and so there is squash OUT. OF. CONTROL....I should say that the plants are growing like crazy..but there are no tomatoes ready to be picked yet.  Charley is anticipating BLT am I.  Just sayin'

It's Thursday, and I didn't get a cup of coffee in me yet.  I think I will pour one and go sit by Henry who is deep into Lego's on the deck.  We have learned that when you bring home bags of Lego's like that it is best to go through them outside first.  You never know what you are going to find in there.  Just sayin'


April said...

So frustrating about the standers.....

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

It takes all kinds of people to stand in front of kids, especially little kids.
Numm, lasagne, making my mouth water. Is it a hard recipe?

Grandma Charlie said...

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Thanks Sarah, doesn't look so great in a photo, does she?


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