Monday, July 9, 2012

Hi, It's Monday.

Above you can note the reality of travelling 5-7 hours on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday,
and Sunday this past week.
Last minute, our Fourth of July week travel plans were a little discombobulated this year, but we rolled, we survived, and we even thrived in the car, in a hotel, at church and more....together.

We are grateful that we could travel to where we needed to be.
And today Charley is off to Invention Camp and Henry rests because last week took it's toll.
Sydney will nap.
And this mama will take each room and attack it.  And we started with the car...because the cheerios, kix, and fishy crackers were out of control in there. Hopefully, in the next 24 hours we will feel at home again, ready to embrace two weeks without long car rides and packing before we head off on another summer adventure. 

 Here is our crew this Fourth of July.
We fit in our traditions, Henry checked them off verbally in the car, on the ride home from the fireworks.  Sydney was there, taking it all in. 
And even though our thoughts wandered this holiday, thinking of an incredible lady who celebrated 93 Fourth of July's in her lifetime, we relished being together. 

Thanks Aunt Sara for capturing a family picture for us...and for wandering with Sydney all. weekend. long.  It really meant the world to Ed and I that you be bopped about with her so much. 

Today we regain our footing.
Tonight we sleep in our own beds.
Tomorrow we find ourselves rolling back into our daily routine.

It's July!  And it's going way too fast.


Danifred said...

Beautiful family photo. Welcome home!

Crystal said...

Love the photos!

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Fun family picture! So very important to get those shots:)


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