Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello Monday

Hello Monday, July 2, 2012....anyone else in disbelief that it is July. Already.

Hello gifted summer weekend with no big plans to contend with.
Just summer movies.
(The boys and I saw Brave. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.  I can't wait to share it with my girl someday.  What an empowering movie with SO MANY subtle messages for mothers and daughters or all parents.  Yes, a tad scary-- so make sure they can handle big bears growling loud.  But, great strong messages without a prince rescuing a princess, where drama ensues involvoing a parent and child, but all survive instead of the message of a parent dying, and great lines that make you think...
"Our fate lives within us.  You only have to be brave to see it." )

Hello evenings where I have been sucked into the show "Friday Night Lights."
Man, were people right when they said it was a great show. 

Hello Saturday morning when I finally made it back to the gym and watched the sunrise from the outdoor swim lanes, alone and quiet. 
My goal is to add a little lap swimming into my workout routine...that will resume this week...with some creative ways to fit it in with the bears and deer of the north. 

Hello Sunday evening dinner with my Aunt who lives in Okinawa, Japan.
Ed and I couldn't believe how Sydney kept climbing in her lap.
This is rare.  They connected. 
So precious.

Hello to Aunts that are teachers and can multitask with the best of them.
She had a serious game of War and King's Corner going on simutaneously.

Hello to the fact that my aunt asked us if we liked wine so she could bring some to go with dinner.  SO glad that she didn't notice that I had two glasses at all times last Saturday night at the wedding:)

Hello to big old poodle dogs that are so kind and calm and tame. 
Wish I would have gotten a better picture :(

Hello to a little girl's piggy tails and a mama's attempt to find comfortable ballet slipper like shoes. 

Hello to our first week of July.
We are going to bust out some packing today.
We are going to go to bed early so we are prepped for our Fourth of July festivities.
This mama is going to take some moments of quiet today to mentally prepare for a solo roadtrip...because Syd's last two rides have been horrid and this mama is a little nervous. 

Hello summer heat.
I am letting my expectations slide with the video games and cartoons today. 
It is too hot to go out and Henry is still recovering so water fun is still taboo.
Northwoods temperatures will be a relief...and if the temps up north are just as hot...well at least dipping our toes in Lake Superior will chill us to the bone. 

Hello Monday.
Hello hoping for some comments here to distract me from the unfun task of packing. 



Anonymous said...

Definitely not too hot here! Went to the beach today. The water was cool, but enjoyable. All of us took a dip, even Grandma!

Looking forward to seeing you all!

mary gunderson said...

Thanks, Sarah, for a delightful dinner and evening! Was so fun to see my pal, Jane, aka SuperAunt, in action. Would you email to Jane a copy of the photo of Trigger and Sydney, the latter with Trigger's toy? Many thanks! Happy 4th! Mary

Crystal said...

I loved Brave too, for all the same reasons! Such a great movie!!


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