Monday, June 4, 2012

This is how we roll, this fine Monday morning...

New tradition...the Sunday before the last week of school this is how we roll...

lawn mower races thanks to the roaring mowers from across the street.  


And with all the chaos of the last week of school, this is how we roll...

drying clothes via the gutter because our drier died on Sunday afternoon and the fix it guy won't be here until Tuesday afternoon.  


After walking Charley for his last Monday as a FIRST grader, this is how we roll...

layered up with sunscreen and splashing away at 9:06 am.
And Syd naps by 10:30.  

Trying to be better about meals around these parts, this is how we rolled twice last week, 

Homemade pizza dough, homemade pesto smattered on top, sliced tomatoes, and some chunks of mozzarella cheese...bake at 500 degrees for a few...soooo good.  Recipe found in he Pioneer Woman's first cookbook.


As our summer kicks off I have been putting a 100 piece puzzle out every few days, this is how we'll roll all summer....

 I find that if I sort out the edges from the rest and have it sitting there someone finds they are drawn to the quiet work for a little bit when they are looking for something to do.  


The end of the school year whispers softly for traditions to happen, this is how we roll....

Each kiddo has one of these books and I secretly send it in to their teacher, coaches or other important people that come and go in their life.  And I have them write the kids a message.  These books will be filled with inspiring messages and gifted to them when they graduate high school.  Henry's book begins this year.  So proud of myself that child number two will have one too!  


So this Monday morning...
we roll without the expectation of laundry. 
we roll with the windows open,
the sunny skies,
the smell of sun tan lotion..and the feeling of being on top of things, for at least the moment.
That is until I realize we need teacher gifts stat.  Better get rolling!  

How are you rolling?


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

I LOVE your book idea of having their teachers write messages to them and then giving them as a high school graduation gift. That is way cool. Where did you get that idea from?

Crystal said...

I too love the book idea - and now that I am reading this post, I feel like I saw this on your blog last year and planned to do it. And of course, forgot. Now I want to rush out tomorrow and get one for Peyton before I forget again ... school is over, but luckily his preschool teacher's son is on his t-ball team and I can track her down easily this summer to write him a message. What a wonderful idea!!!!


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