Saturday, June 30, 2012

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Thursday and Friday my van put no miles on it.
I actually tossed around the idea of having a one day a week no using the car goal this summer, but couldn't commit.
Anyways, We stayed put.
And it actually went really well.  
I feared the boys would go stir crazy, me too.
But they actually found their own busy with popsicle sticks, tape, and freedom.  Who knew?

We ate ice cream each day.
Watched too many cartoons.
Tried really hard to keep this guy calm and chill.
Having to work at this was a good sign, right?
Modern medical one day - 
begging to run with the neighbors less than 24 hours later.

We waited excitedly for daddy to pull up each evening.
Took two bathes a day to wash off the chocolate ice cream.
Which convinced this mama that vanilla might be the better choice for Henry.

Notice that Sydney holds her cone like a microphone.  
And high tails it away from me if she thinks I might take it away.
Ice cream is her favorite and a best.

July is right around the corner.
We have a lot on our bucket list to check off yet.
Gearing up for some serious crossing off this coming week.
But, this Saturday, we are taking it slow, with no plan of attack.

July means we often times see friends less but family more. 
Family time in July is my favorite - and anticipating the fact that friend time will come again and will feel like no time has passed is priceless.  

Summer = these three.  

Sad to see June come to an end.
But ready for July - full force.  Bring it!

Let's get a little action on the blog today...
Tell me your favorite June moment...or at least one of them! PLEASE! 


Anonymous said...

My brother in laws wedding is in 2 hours! Can you belief I am online and not stressing out now??? It is because I am nursing Jimmy so I am forced to sit! I think today might be a favorite June moment and my hubbys birthday was - we all went to a Japanese restaurant and watched the waiter flip our food - the girls LOVED it! Super cute ice cream pics by the way! Jamie Trampe

The Tompkins Family said...

Super, super cute ice cream faces!!

My favorite June moment was going to the mountains and getting the girls their very own hot chocolates with whipped cream, sipping them on a patio while we looked up at the mountains. Breathtaking!

Danifred said...

Those cute little ice cream faces! I can't believe June is over already. Summer always goes so quickly.

MOMOF2 said...

My favorite ...Cabin Camping! We just got back and it was awesome!! Let's get together soon!! Well maybe August ( : We are so busy too!!

Anonymous said...

eli and his train cake for his 3rd birthday. pure joy. a family wedding in close 2nd. looooove syds dress and expressions. rr


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