Friday, June 8, 2012

last day of school...summer begins...

Let's start here...
Yesterday was the last day of school.
And as a mom of boys I don't see the visible break down of tears...but in both the boys last pictures with their teachers you saw the turmoil happening in their heads, hearts, and stomachs.  Both look like they are processing the fact that
this. is. it.

Now here you can see that Charley is running to us after school,
and Henry can hardly keep his feet on the ground knowing that his brother is ALL HIS for the next three months.  Boy Howdy, is Henry pumped.

So let's review....Charley left as a first grader this morning and is now a second grader.
A second grader who is missing something...
I think I forgot to share that a little over a week ago the kid pulled out his not very lose top tooth. 
Just in time for Uncle Greg's wedding.

But I am embracing the hillbilly look and loving that he lost it in first grade.
This is the season.

Not only was Henry ecstatic for the start of summer.
Daddy got home from his three day/four night business trip and expressed his excitement of being home by tossing Hank.  Sharp intake by mama while this is happening...not a tossing fan! 

Miss Syd was of course sportin' her new piggies and her little purple teva sandals.

After school on the last day of school traditions ...well, I haven't committed to any one thing.
So yesterday, sherbet in ice cream cones made the cut and everyone seemed happy enough.
Even Miss Syd got to carry and embrace the sticky that comes with a cone at the age of 16 months.

I will just shut up for a minute and share a few shots from the afternoon.
Truly, so blessed to have my crew all home this afternoon, and realizing that the summer of a stay at home mom is an overwhelming mix of emotions.

My three.

My only summer with a 4 year old, 7 year old, and 16 month old.
Bring it, baby!

Biased, I know.
But she makes me pause all day long to think, "Dang she is cute! I am so glad she is here."


Henry also wrapped up his second session of swim lessons and he is sad to see it end.  He truly learned and connected so well with Miss Karen.  And how lucky to have such a fun little friend in class.  It isn't ending though.  He is just going to be shocked back to shy mode with a new teacher next week.

So instead of going out to dinner or ice cream.
Daddy stayed home to meet with tree guys and concrete kings and got Sydney to bed at her regularly scheduled bedtime.  And the boys and I snuck off to experience our first evening at the pool.  
I had to pinch myself.  To go with just the boys, when it was pretty darn quiet at the pool, and watch them flop around in the water confidently.  I could almost just sit on a pool chair and take it all in. 


This weekend my thoughts will be...
when will we work into our small routine for learning, reading, chores, and then the whole TV/screen time thing?  I am just not sure when and how much to allow this to eek into our days.  I am thinking no screen until at least the second half of the day.  And I am thinking quiet afternoon reading and learning time in the afternoon.  And I am also thinking to just let go of making a hard rule about things and just flying by the seat of my pants. 

Cheers to summer!  Cheers to thinking, "I'm gonna miss this."

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Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

I don't comment as often as I should or as I'd like too..but know that I am always reading, always sucked in to another "for the love of naps" post!!
Love the pigtails! Keep going..before you know it, she'll have gobs of hair and she won't let you near it!!
Syd is looking like a whole new girl lately..growing up FAST!


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