Friday, June 15, 2012

Insta Friday

Ed travelled last week.
Thursday an hour before Charley was out for the summer, he pulled in.
And I sighed.

The night school was out we hit the pool. 
This is the first summer where we are members and can pop over for an hour anytime we want.
I am loving this.
So are the boys.
Yesterday when it rained we used the indoor pool and were pretty much the only ones there.
Shhhhh, our little secret.

The first morning after the last day of school I made it to barbell class after a LONG break from the gym.   Then I nabbed the boys and we hit the grocery store for donuts...running into my workout partner...also grabbing donuts.  This made me chuckle ALL. DAY. LONG. 

While the boys devoured donuts, Miss Sydney spied out this random worm...probably left behind by a still hungry robin. 

At 7:30 in the morning we get our play on with a bunch of random scrap pieces of 2 by 4s.  The boys construct and play.  And I sip my coffee.  Life is good.

A quick play date later where they were left to play with chalk, and I guess water, without supervision left our driveway looking like this.  awesome.  not really, but it all washed off just fine.

Saturday morning we left on our first road trip.
This picture is so very special.  It is of Sydney, the last 30 minutes of our drive on our return home.  We travelled almost 12 hours in the car and she slept 30 minutes. 
It was our first really hard drive with her.  She was super discontent the whole ride.
Makes us nervous for the summer travel to come. 

This week we have spent our mornings at swim lessons. 
Miss Sydney cheers for her brothers...or sometimes claps to the songs they sing during the classes. 
The boys are doing so great. 

I finally got my act together and outfitted the boys for the upcoming wedding that we are all in.
The boys got their dancing shoes, suit pants, white shirts..and supposedly have bow ties to pull it all together. 

Otherwise we have had no big outings or crazy adventures.
Except the geocaching adventure.
We are just taking it as it comes and Miss Sydney has joined the play in our backyard. 

These photos were all taken with my iPhone using the instagram app, available for iPhone and android phones.  It is a quick way to take and share a fun picture and if you want to follow us my instagram name is mamasarah. 


Theresa said...

Love those little boy shoes! You always have so many good ideas for your kids...I've just never been that kind of creative mom so I guess I'll have to steal a few ideas from you :)

jessica said...

Love the shoes! I can't wait for all the pictures from the wedding!

katie mattis sarver said...

Looks like summer is off to a wonderful start for you guys!!!


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