Thursday, June 28, 2012

happiness captured

Late afternoon, two days ago, I threw the kids in the car and hurried over to the pool.   We weren't meeting any friends this time, which disappointed the boys.  But I knew, it would be okay.  I have found that I can't focus on friends at the pool these days...Sydney needs an eye on her at ALL. TIMES. 

The sun was dipping and the temps did not rise to the heights that the weathermen promised...but we had this last opportunity to hit the pool before Henry had his surgery.  And daddy had said, take them.    So I did.  While there...Sydney pittered around in the shallow and the boys repeatedly brought me the dive sticks that I threw, over and over, with excitement.  They happily retrieved them and then returned to me.  Telling me sometimes to throw them farther and sometimes not as far. 

I had a moment. 
I realized, this is the life.
And this will be a moment I will miss in the not to very future.
Soon my boys will flit off with their guy pals and I will be left to sit on my chair.
Reading my book.  Relaxing (and don't get me wrong, this too will be supurb).  But I realized, nothing could beat this moment I was having, all three running away but returning more speedy than they left.  Excited.  Happy...and a little cold. 

This was the life.

I shared this with my mom and she shared that she had a moment like this at the wedding.  When she left us all gathered up and chatting and went and sat in silence in the upcoming cermemony space.  And she sat.  Caught her breath.  And realized, "This is the life." 

As she told me this I smiled because I remembered her wandering off and I remember frantically digging for my camera so I could take her picture.  And I got it.  kinda cool.

Then last night she was saying that she didn't think she got a picture of her and dad.  And I smiled inside again because I remembered that I had snapped a couple...with a goofy big balloon in the background, that has so much to do with the weekend that I have to laugh that it happens to be floating right behind my dad's laughing face.  Anyways, one of my favorites so far from the wedding. 

Because my parents are a married couple who I hold so high up on my list of "married people who do it right".  They adventure, they compromise, they let things go, and they laugh. 

And I caught them. 
So honestly happy.  


Kelly said...

Love it LOVE IT! :) You did good, girl!

Barb said...

Thank you Sarah~~from the bottom of my heart.

jessica said...

I love this post! So good, so good, so good!

What a wonderful picture of your parents.


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