Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hank update.

Mr. Henry is about four and a half years old. 
He had had some issues with hernias lately. 
We chose to take care of them now when he is young.

We had no idea how he would do with this experience. 
And once again, he has proven how much he has grown in this last year. 
He surpassed my expectations all morning with his popsicle and jello diet. 
He listened to the nurse tell him about the surgery.  So brave.

And then his mom and dad each got a special job. 
He had a choice to lay on a bed or sit on a lap while he fell asleep.
He reached for my hand and said, "mama." 
So he snuggled on my lap, started out holding the mask up to his face, and then ended up holding his daddy's hand and his mama's hand and drifting off to sleep.  So peacefully. 
Of course my moment wasn't captured on film.  
But always, in my heart.

This was what was right for our family. 
For our Henry.  
Many gave advice on whether we should be with him during this part or not. 
Sitting so he couldn't see my face, but could feel my heart beat, hear me whisper, and hold our hands...this was how he felt safe. 
We are the experts on Henry.

When he woke up he wanted us. 
We came as quickly as we could. 
He snuggled on his daddy's lap and calmed (thanks to some morphine) and the warmth of his daddy's chest. 
And he slept.

And then we arrived home, he perked right up when he saw his big brother. 
I don't doubt that he might have a little pain in the next few days. 
But this kiddo isn't going to let this hold him back for very long. 
He is one brave, strong, and resilent kiddo. 

We love you Henry.  

Thank you for all the thoughts, prayers, and well wishes. 
Henry, Ed, and I are definitely supported by so many friends and family.


Roz said...

So sweet. Thanks for sharing. Said a little prayer for Henry myself today. I looked at the clock on my computer when I had read your first blog post before the procedure and the time was 12:58. So glad to hear it went well. What a brave little guy. Hopefully he heals quickly with minimal discomfort.

The Tompkins Family said...

Thank you for the update! I totally teared up when I read the part about him saying, "mama". He is such a special guy and such a trooper! As are you, this must have been a very emotionally exhausting day for you.

Crystal said...

Glad to hear it went well - hope he's not in too much pain the next few days. What a brave little guy! Get some rest yourself if you can!

Kim said...

Glad to hear all went well. Praying for a quick recovery for Henry and you!

natalie said...

So glad it all went well. Kids are so resilient and can surprise us with bravery. Nolan had surgery for a trigger thumb when he was 2 1/2. Worst thing for him was the bandage after...he hated banaids :). Hope he rest of your week goes well.

Kelly said...

So happy to hear everything went as hoped. I was thinking of him all day yesterday....and I think Henry will bounce right back to being himself! :)

Shell said...

Sounds like you did the right thing for him! Very sweet post!

Danifred said...

So happy to hear everything went well. I hope he is resting away.


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