Thursday, June 14, 2012

Geocaching ....our new thing!

This summer I am making it a goal to push myself to get my tribe of three outside.
Whether it is hikes, pools, beaches, or yard fun.
I want them to be enjoying outside adventures.

Recently, I had heard of this whole geocaching adventure.
I really didn't have an idea what it yesterday morning I looked it up.
And Charley happened to walk by when I was watching this.

He immediately began bouncing and his eyes got really big.

All it took were the words "High Tech Treasure Hunting Game."

I also had to hold back a squeal.  This looked right up our alley.
I called Ed immediately and told him that this was our after dinner adventure. 
He said okay....also not quite sure what he was committing to.

All afternoon I had to hold back my excitement.  I so badly wanted to pack up the kids and take them to do our first one.  There are a whole bunch of them right in our neighborhood. 
To prepare I decided to download the iphone app onto my phone.  It costs $9.99 but you can with the touch of one button check to see if there are any close geocache opportunities. 
You can read the hints, clues, and log book.  You can log when you find things and write comments. 
So when you have time to waste when you are running errands or are on a road trip and need a run around break you could easily check in and see if there are any close treasures to find. 

My iPhone noted that it brought us within 16 feet of the treasure.   

So we waited.
And then daddy pulled in.
We showed him that video up above while he wolfed down his dinner.
And then we set off.

Ed hung back by the stroller at first and I can't believe it but I trekked right into the high grass and woods to search with the boys.  (Proud of myself because ticks freak me out.) But  to be fair, and because we weren't having any luck, I exited and let Ed go in.
And that's all it took....

I was not sure what we should bring to put into the box to exchange for the treasure we took out.  We grabbed some match box cars and some stickers.  I had no idea what we would find inside.

First, both boys signed the book.  We forgot a pen...but luckily there was one in the first box.

Then both boys picked a treasure.  Charley picked a golf ball and Henry a silly band.  I was relieved that the items in the box were not anything special or new.  Just tokens to make the whole adventure fun.  In the future we will have a baggie of treasures to exchange with always there and ready for our next adventure.

We replaced the golf ball and silly band with some nature stickers and a match box car. 
And then set off for one more bounty.  There are two at the local park we frequent often. 

This afternoon we are going to take two cardboard craft boxes that I scored at a garage sale for 25 cents each and collage outdoor pictures on them and then decoupage over that to make it sturdy.  These will be their geocache treasure boxes.  I hope by the end of the summer they have a collection of treasures from many outdoor walks with our family. 

Check this opportunity out!  It looks like something that could become VERY addicting!


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

You beat us to it, we can't wait to have some geocaching adventures this summer.

Love that picture of Charley when he found it. And that first one, looks like a great first adventure.

Crystal said...

We love geocaching too - I love that you can do it anywhere you are. The iPhone app makes it so easy, too. Peyton calls it Treasure Hunting.


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