Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Random thoughts on - IronMan, Bikinis, and mama time

80 degree days mean Sydney finally gets to sport her yellow polka dot bikini (Thanks Kelly and Family).  I know I am biased, she is mine, but dang it was quite adorable.  
Yesterday afternoon I went all gang busters on our water table.  Pulled out the hose.  Filled that sucker up.  And planned to sit and lounge in the chair next to my two while they splashed in the water.  My little bikini wearing diva found the rock landscaping much more exciting...so our time outside in the bikini was cut short.  

Just call me IronMama...it takes a strong backbone to make decisions that cause a teeny bit of heartbreak for my two boys. 
After polling a few more friends we decided that we weren't ready to show the boys ANY of the super hero movies.  And after a friend shared that she, as a woman, loves the super hero movies, I decided I wanted to give one a try.  Open mind...mom of boys...maybe just maybe I would find them enjoyable. 

So Saturday night we scored IronMan from the Redbox down the road.
Popped some popcorn and Ed and I settled in to watch. 
And I now have to admit that I am a BIG IronMan fan. 
IronMan 2 was watched Sunday night.
And Thor is coming up soon. 
And when I happened upon the Avenger's preview I had an urge to drop my kids off at a friends and sneak in for a mid day matinee.  Holy cow.  Addicted to the superhero phenomenon.  And all I can say, "I can't wait!  I can't wait to watch them with the boys, SOMEDAY, and watch them witness the awesomeness of these characters that they some how know quite a bit about.  But really, they have no idea the awesome-ness of these "guys". "  

But here's the thing, it isn't time yet.  For Charley or Henry.  And oh how I treasure that they accepted this explanation.  You know the one, where they probably had tuned me out before I started...but the one where I go on and on about this gift of being their mom and how my job is to protect them and guide their pace of growing up and these movies were going to be like pushing the fast forward button on my mama remote.  And I wasn't ready.  

So we wait.  And instead we had family movie night with an Alvin and the Chipmunks movie.  
And I will continue my new infatuation with these superhero guys.  I don't think my husband minds.  He doesn't complain when his Saturday night consists of watching this type of movie - and what a bonus to have me sitting beside him - AWAKE.  

This coming weekend I get to escape the clutches of mama duty and enjoy a nice long car ride all by my lonesome.  And lonely I fear I will be.  I never drive long distances without spinning plates, juggling balls, singing camp songs, sipping lattes, and tossing fishy cracker snacks ALL at one.  But this time I will only be worrying about what radio channel is on, where the next coffee stop is, and how quickly I can get to my moms.  

This weekend we will celebrate the upcoming wedding.  We will shower my soon to be sister in law with some love and attention.  It will be a weekend full of fun and once again it keeps hitting me that I will only have to offer up my arms to my little nephew Hughie from time to time this trip.  Other than that - this mama is ready to relax and kick back with my mom and sister on this shower extravaganza that we have in store for my brother and Liz.  

When did our world change because now my 7 year old's social calendar rules the roost around these parts.  
Soccer games, boy scout events, birthday parties...two in one weekend, and whatever else that comes up.  Thank goodness Ed will have backup so he can experience the chauffeur duty  gig without too much disruption to Sydney's nap schedule.  

So before I leave I have a list of tasks to accomplish...hot gluing ribbon on mason jars and filling them with yummy things.  Baking cupcakes.  Cleaning bathrooms and getting the guest bed geared up for Grandma Charlie.  Chaperoning a field trip with Henry.  Enjoying swim lessons now with a mama friend to sit and chat with, score.  And all of this done while enjoying some unbelievable weather.  Balance, breathe, and go!


Kelly said...

Yay! The bikini! I was wondering when she was going to be sporting that cute 'lil thing!! :) Adorable!

Anonymous said...

love the bikini. guess ill have to give those movies a try....since im a mom of boyssss no doubt theyll be in to it at some point! see you soon. rr


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