Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter recap

Instead of blabbering on about how wonderful our Easter weekend was...I am going to challenge myself to leave you with just some of the pictures I captured.   And of course I know I won't be able to leave you completely without some of my ramblings.  Enjoy!
Sydney hadn't been back to Grandma Charlie and Grandpa Ed's since Christmas so she had a lot of exploring to do.  She took off and enjoyed all the dogs that were in the house all weekend. 

When daddy arrived the hoop was lowered and Grandma showed everyone her smooth moves!

I loved that we had time for shooting hoops.
Many of our holidays are so packed with celebration or travel and this Easter we had moments for this.

And this.
Walks where Sydney was determined to keep up.

Lake Superior always peeking in on us in the background.

If you have a new walker that isn't quite ready to go it alone...
tennis courts are great places to let them go with their walker. 
Miss Sydney lapped it and didn't want to leave.

It was a little chillier up north this weekend so we had to balance the fresh air with some inside relaxing.  Henry asked for Grandma's laptop and went to town at whatever .com he could think up. 

Grandpa was there-- busy with packaging up his goodies from hunting season.

And then Aunt Sara stopped in and we got our Easter on!

The boys pretty much did the egg dying thing all on their own. 
Kinda cool to sit back and watch them go.
We kept it simple, no big crazy Pinterest crafting with the egg deal this year. 
Aunt Sara did demo how to tye dye the egg.
Simple meant a relaxed egg dying experience for all.

And the next morning they hunted and found their basket goods.

This year the Easter bunny tested the limits and brought suction cup bow and arrows and cap guns...(the wrong caps though.) 

New sunglasses are always a great basket find.

And Miss Sydney got a few little things to shake and nibble up.

oh!  Can't forget this Easter basket find.
Balloon boats.  As you can see from the picture you blow them up and then supposedly, let them go in the water...we'll have to wait and see later in the spring and summer season.

When all was said and done,
it was the perfect mix of holiday and just plain good old Grandma Charlie time.
Hanging in the woods or in the warm front room.
Sleeping hard at night from all the Northwoods air.
A game of canasta, a late night slice of cherry cream cheese pie, and  a couple extra cups of coffee all fed the soul until next time we visit.

I hope your Easter holiday was filled with moments as sugary and wonderful, as the red jelly beans that found their way into my mouth, finally, on Saturday evening. 

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