Friday, March 9, 2012

Where am I....

Where am I?
I am here and there?
Sunning, walking, sipping, sleeping, chatting, taking it all in.

Ed and I jetted off to Naples, Florida for a business trip and I had BIG plans. Blogging from the beach, figuring out photoshop elements, organizing my computer picture files, reading books, reading blogs with plenty of time to comment, playing more with my camera, etc.

But I have really had time for none of it. Crazy.

I am hoping to sit a spell later today and update you with a few pictures. But we'll see. Ed is in a championship bean bag (CornHole?) toss tournament this afternoon and I am on a mission with another wife to find the guys team apparel. His only request...something he would wear again. Hmmmmm, we'll see.

My children are missed by their mama. It is SO incredibly hard to leave them. Even when you know they are being spoiled with attention and love. Even when you know 20 minutes after my return I will be right back feeling like I never had this break. I miss them. But this is good.

If you are a mama and you have the chance to jet off with your hubby, you go! You settle your tribe in with someone who will love them up. You get through the ride to the airport where you tear up and you move past the what ifs that weigh down your shoulders. Because though you think your children are the center of your universe...time with your husband is vital to a happy home. Whether it is a date in the evening right there in town or something is so important to put in that time and effort to know each other without your children buckled in behind you on your way to dinner.

This week I am with moms of all ages...moms of school age, moms of high school kids, empty-nesters, and grandmas who are so proud to show off their brag books. And I find it so inspiring to listen to them all share their seasons of motherhood. But one of the biggest take aways is that after the kids are out of diapers and are no longer needing you to attend their meets and tournaments - you are left sitting across the table with the incredible person you chose to take life's journey with.

And when all is said and done - you have to still know that person, through all the changes and seasons, ups and downs, you want to still look at that person as "your person". So one take away from my time - a little time away from your kiddos...even if it is just down on your couch eating popcorn and watching a movie with your spouse, or making a special dinner after they are in bed - that time where you can challenge yourself to turn off the kid talk and find other things to talk about, can only make your relationship that much stronger.

Find it.
Push yourself to make it a priority.
You won't regret it.
And it will only show your children that you are a team in life.
That you make marriage a fun and loving priority.

**Thanks mom and Uncle Greg for helping make this work.
Thanks friends who I know they can call for help if they need it.

More later...I hope!


April Kaiser said...

Yay Sarah! Can't wait to here more about it! Enjoy your time!

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Glad you are having a blast! Funny how plans can go out the window for surprising fun adventures.

The Tompkins Family said...

Yahoo! Go mama! Glad it's going well!

Barb said...

Enjoy every moment. Greg and I are loving these three special individuals to the max.

Danifred said...

Funny you wrote this. Bee and I have a trip planned to Denver next month (a work trip for me). This will be the first time we have EVER been away from our children overnight together. That's six years. I'm in a complete panic about it. Especially when it comes to leaving the baby. I know they will be cared for, but holy cow, the anxiety. I'm trying to think of this as an investment in our marriage, but it's so hard to think about being away from them for four days.

Crystal said...

Great post! I have a 40th birthday coming up in the next few months and my husband has mentioned jetting away for an adults only vacation and I have so much anxiety over it. You're right though, it's important! Hope you are having a fabulous time! Maybe you will run into Kelle Hampton at the beach :)


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