Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What we've been up to...

Charley asks often if he can go ask the neighbors to play.
He says, "I want a friend to play with."
Even though I don't remind them ALL the time, but just once in a while that they could consider each other friends.
I know that someday they will realize that the greatest gift we gave them
was each other.

But for now they only see each other as brothers.

Brothers who worked together to surprise the little ladies in our neighborhood with some sweet treats on St. Patrick's day.
The dollar section at Target had some rainbow striped taffy type candy.
I bought a few packages and we threw a few pieces of that and some golden wrapped candy in zip bags.  (rainbows and pots of gold) They put them little goodies in a lunch bag and wrote
"Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Love, the Leprechauns"


Then they were stealth little spy delivery boys. 
They snuck up to the houses and rang the doorbell and ran.
Or rather, big brother directed Henry where to hide and he ran up and rang the doorbell.
It was quite comical to watch.

They had a great time.
Looking at these pictures I have to snicker because it has been the reality for over a year.
Henry is catching up to Charley in size.  His feet are almost the same and many of the clothing items that Charley wore just last summer fit Henry.

And yet, when we see our boys playing out with the neighbors they still look so little to us.
They are great buds.
They really are.

Great buds who also recognize this little sweet treat.
Every once in a while they break from their big boy play and give her their undivided attention.

She has figured out the game of chase.
She will crawl quickly, pause, look back, giggle, and then quickly crawl again.
And she loves when they catch on and play along.
It is kind of a surprising little gift the third baby.
You get to sit back and watch the game of chase evolve instead of being the one to necessarily teach it.

Three of Syd's favorite things these days..

1.  Smoothie drinks --- If she sees you making them she gets quite excited.

2.  The outdoors -- she loves to roam and explore.

3.  Her brothers -- she loves watching their shenanigans.  And she actually puts her little hands out in front of her and flips her wrists and lifts her shoulders like she is saying, "I have no idea what they are up to..."


--gloomy but no rain yet.
--boys to school ...girls did a little spring cloths shopping (for the kids).
--the rest of the afternoon will be hunting for shorts.  I need to take inventory of who fits into what.

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You're right! Henry is catching up!



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