Thursday, March 15, 2012

Boys will be boys....and this mama is okay with it.

A little something about me, I LOVE when my boys are playing outside, make believe, exploring, running free.  That is why I love our week up north so much.  I spend time and precious packing space making sure we have toys...but we rarely even crack the tubs that they sit in all week.  They find their own fun with sticks, rocks, minnows, and water.  Henry went to a friends house and when I pulled up I saw him running outside, free, smiling, and happy.  And this makes me happy.

Something else about me,
I NEVER thought I would be okay with my boys playing with guns, shooters, whatever you want to call them.  But the thing is, boys naturally seem to figure it out.  Sticks become swords, rifles, or laser shooters.  And they are in their glory.

And even though I still get a little sick feeling when I see them playing with guns, it also makes me giggle and smile, and think to myself, "I am a mom of two boys, and ....boys will be boys."

Note:  Sydney's favorite thing to do is swing long objects and make raspberry noises...hmmmm...

And the shooter play is balanced with
exploring chicken coops...

And guess what we got to bring home?
A dozen eggs that were retrieved just an hour before I arrived to pick up Henry.
How cool is that?


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