Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Luckiest girl, I am.

Another year...seriously, it feels like just yesterday, when I was stressing about picking up sushi for you after just having Miss Sydney....and not really ready to go out on errands with three.
So you picked it up for us.
Isn't that how it is.
Mama, makes her own cake on her birthday.
Daddy, picks up his own take out dinner.
This is our season.

Happy Birthday, Ed.

This year you have three littles that giggled when I reminded them that it was your birthday.
They sat this morning making lots of "half" birthday cards.  Half...because they would get half way finished and start a new one.  So very proud...but nothing complete.  

It is a Tuesday...which means you have to be the man of the house and go earn the bacon.
So you can't go have a big party and go bowling with your tribe of little people. 

And it is the middle of February, so there will be no beers being enjoyed outside during the late afternoon sun. 

And I know you would love to spend the day snoozing on your parent's couch.
You know, the one that sucks you in and makes anyone that sits on it...drift off to slumber.

Nope you are off being the hardworking father and husband that you are.
And tonight I will try and satisfy you with a yummy dinner...of some sort.
And maybe a french silk pie.
And we have a few gifts.
And I will smile all day knowing that I was so lucky to be part of your everyday moments during your 35th year of life.  And I can't wait to see what your 36th year brings.
Luckiest girl, I am.


jessica said...

Happy Birthday Ed! Very nice post Sarah!

Barb said...

Happy Birthday Ed! And...a happy Valentine's Day to the whole bunch of you...and great blog from happy Sarah!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday, Ed; hope they treated you well at work!

Anonymous said...

hope he got the french silk pie. RR

Danifred said...

Happy birthday Ed!


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