Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to reality.

All is quiet here.
Henry putters at the kitchen table with two Lego guys, while sucking on a candy cane. 
Sydney is napping.
And I am feeling melancholy over the fact that my first born is back off to school.

I sure enjoyed the lack of routine.
I sure enjoyed having my entire tribe home for a week.
I sure enjoyed the sound of intense play among brothers.
I sure enjoyed it all.

Ed forgot his computer this morning.
He had to turn around and buzz back home.
He walked in while we were in the middle of the breakfast chaos.
I wanted him to stay.
I feel like we have really had nice times lately.
I love him.
Three day weekends...three weeks in a row...can make a girl sad when they end.

I haven't blogged much lately.
I am still pondering my new years thoughts and resolution.
Last year I did a word.  That was a bust.  Forgot about it.
So not sure what direction to head this year.

Tomorrow my middle child turns 4.  ON THE FOURTH.
It is his golden birthday and his pile of presents has grown.
He has shows impressive patience, rarely asking about the gifts and not touching them.
I want to make tomorrow fun and crazy and memorable.
Any golden ideas out there?
I am hoping to get my hands on some balloons tonight and golden or yellow streamers and do up his doorway and bedroom like crazy while he sleeps. 

I have been obsessed with organizing, decluttering, cleaning up around here. 
I have our guest bed MOUNDED with items for the donation truck that will pull up here in the next week or so.  There were two HUGE bags of garbage.  I really wanted to kick off the new year feeling ready to be present with my family and I feel like Ed and I busted ass around here this weekend getting our space pretty ready for 2012. 

There are friends I haven't seen in a week or two, due to holiday business.
There is a golden birthday to celebrate.
There is some serious meal planning and budget grocery shopping that needs to happen.
And even though we are missing big man Charley today...we need to get back into our routine and thrive - not just survive. 

I kind of think that might be a theme for me this year.
Thrive - not just survive. 
But again, still working on my thoughts on 2012 and how I can find success and not failure in resolutions, goals, and expectations.

We will relish the new quiet.
We will get out to get the makings for Henry's choice of meal and treat tomorrow.
We will spy out some golden goodies to do up his day with flare.
I hope your Tuesday is breathtaking.   Inhale.  GO!


The Tompkins Family said...

Good post. I need to thrive - not just survive too. I failed this morning. In fact, I barely survived.

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

I relished a day of nap for Maddy, it was needed after waking for the day at 5am. And I am reminding myself, one day at a time. Tomorrow will be a great day.

Crystal said...

The theme I have been thinking of is kind of along the same lines - I feel like over the course of the last 6 months or so, I have just been getting through the days and just not really enjoying any of it much at all. Which is just really sad and so much more could be said about all of it, but I'm kind of formulating mini steps of how I can change that. Lots to ponder but I'm feeling pretty optimistic!

On a side note, I am about halfway through that book you recommended called Scream Free Parenting - it really has got me thinking!

Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating Henry's big day with the fam!


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