Monday, December 5, 2011

This is our season (the decorating for the holidays version)

Right now in our house our philosophy on decorating our Christmas tree is:
If you can get it to stay hanging then it's in a good doesn't matter if there are already 2 ornaments on that branch.  It doesn't matter if the branch is now pointing directly at the floor.  It doesn't matter if it is touching another ornament or three.  It doesn't matter if it is directly in front of another.  It doesn't matter if it is actually touching the floor.  The more the merrier.  This is our season. 

 We will have a lovely big old plastic gate surrounding our tree most days this month. 
Because this young lady doesn't really like to be confined anymore and even though she turns and looks at me when I say "NO!"  She will grab up every pine needle that is dropped and feast on them. 
This is our season.

We do go with the real tree but our tree is covered in ornaments from our past and our children's present. 
That means lots of Star Wars, puppies, and other doo-dads on the lower half.  Someday we might have more sparkles and less clumped up bunches of ornaments.
This is our season.

When I try to sneak and move an ornament from one overloaded spot to another, they amazingly notice and move it right back.  I said, "I can't wait until it is dark.  That is when our tree looks beautiful."  Charley responded, "I think it looks most beautiful now." 
This is our season.

The excitement sharing and showing each and every ornament they have collected. 
Asking whose is this and celebrating their collections.
This is our season.

Our house is a mismatch cherished decorations passed on to us by family, cheap stuff I have splurged on as we pass through each season, and a few nice gifts we have gotten (my mother in law has given me awesome Santas, dishes, and handmade table runners and quilts).  But along with all of this...we have an obscenely long handmade paper chain hanging  in the center of our living space.  We have candy cane window clings clumped on our back windows.  We have coloring book pages littering doors.  Holiday school crafts that have  been stuffed in backpacks, ripped out, and proudly handed to me hanging in odd spots.  We have candles smattering our tables - and they go unlit all season.  We have Christmas spirit and happiness overflowing in our house.
  This is our season.

What's new this week in your season of motherhood?


Raina and Andy said...

The picture you sent of your tree last night in the dark looked SO magical. I thought ALL the ornaments looked so classy. but I LOVE that they are kid-friendly and memory-full. I thought some of Andy's ornaments were creepy but they made him smile. RR

Barb said...

My season of reading my children's blogs this week and knowing everything is/was Worth it in so many millions of ways!

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Love the ornaments all bunched, it happens every year for us. And I have yet to get the tree up, maybe tomorrow.
New this season for me, naps seem to be making a comeback for Maddy, she just hits a wall and I can tell if we don't its awful. Hoping it means she sleeps better, she's not been sleeping great at night, maybe that is just another season. This too shall pass, or so I have told myself, at least it goes in spurts.

Danifred said...

I also love that our tree is covered with ornaments from over the years, ornaments the girls have made and ornaments from my life with Bee.


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