Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A glimpse at our holiday season...

And we're off.
All the prep.
All the anticipation.
Last weekend we journeyed to my parents for a weekend of tradition and joy.
Can't believe that last Christmas I pretty much plopped in my mom's lazy boy and didn't move much. 
This little beauty was kicking and jabbing and twirling her little toys...waiting to make her debut.
But this year...she was there in her little red shoes.
And these three rugrats were SUPER excited for everything.
Finger jello cut out like Christmas trees. 
Presents to pass out.
Presents to open.
Games to play.
Cookies to indulge in...and with distracted parents...cookies were enjoyed.
 These are some of the special people we share our time with.

This is just a glimpse at our first holiday gathering. 
 More to come!

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