Friday, December 16, 2011

future moments are beginning to sprinkle my thoughts

I am starting to see glimpses of the future.
And I am getting a tad excited.
Even though I think I will always miss the baby stage,
and we still have a few years of sprinkles flying.
But this year, when the boys decorated cookies, we had peace, deliberate decorating, and no spilling.

I make an effort to read a few blogs that have older kids.
It makes me excited for the future.
The hanging out stage.  The doing instead of directing.
The facilitating instead of instructing.
Where I might wear the assistant chef's hat.
Keeping them up to all watch a movie.
Game night where we can play games other than Candy Land and Uno.
Teaching them how to bake and cook and sitting back and enjoying the chit chats while they do their thing.
The future doesn't look too bad.

So as we pack our car for holiday travel..and we squeeze in the bassinet or a infant carseat base for my sister...
Ed says with a smile, "We don't need this stuff back. EVER."
And I look at him with sad eyes, "Really? Are you sure."
Yes, I think he is sure.  And ultimately, so am I. 
But still...As we countdown to Henry turning 4 and Sydney turning 1...
man oh man, am I just a wee bit depressed.

 Funny how they choose the not overloaded cookies when they get to eat one.

But I am going to focus on the sprinkles.
The sprinkles that stayed on the counter.
The sprinkles that decorated some cookies in just the right amount...leaving me yearning to nibble them. 
(I tend to shy away from the overloaded cookies).

Cherishing each moment this year.
Love my boys.
Love that Sydney is content opening and closing those cupboards for a half hour. 
Life is sprinkled with goodness.


Goings on at the Glenn's said...

such a precious tender post. Are you sure you are done? I can't picture myself getting rid of our cradle ever! But I guess I will get to that stage. Enjoy those sprinkles!

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

So bittersweet to know when you are done. Good things do come from kids growing up, more flexibility, ease of travel. But yes I will always love the baby stage too and miss it.

Anonymous said...

We're done. Easy to say but so hard to believe. We have two, and that's just enough. Plus I'm the big 4-0 so I know we're done. There, said it again. But I would love to have 20 more if I could. Well, maybe not 20... 2 or 3 more. But we're done. :)


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