Tuesday, November 22, 2011

sisterly reminders

This morning we had to get gas and so I whipped into the gas station and was getting my gas.  A lady using the pump nearby was getting into her car and then I heard something being poured on the ground.  I looked over and she had one of her at home coffee mugs and she was pouring out a big cup full of old coffee.  RIGHT THERE where she had gotten out of her car to get gas.  I was so irritated.  I couldn't stand it.  So I explained to the boys what I saw and asked them what was wrong with what she did.  They right away went to littering...and I said, yes, it was kind of like littering but the coffee would eventually dry up.  But I pointed out where she dumped it and what would happen when the next person drove up to get gas, stepped out of their car, and then stepped back into their car.  YES!  They got it.  They understood that the coffee would get trekked into the next person's car.  GEEZ - how rude of her.  But I let it roll off my shoulders and heck - maybe she looked down and there was a giant spider climbing around in her cup and she panicked and had to dump it fast.  Maybe...

My sister has written a lot lately about being aware that everyone is walking around with their own story going on.  And you don't always know why they are snappy in the check out line at the store, or giving you the finger or honking because you are taking an extra second to start moving at a green light.  You don't know why they didn't smile back at you as you pass them exiting the library.  You don't know why they look like they rolled out of bed when you see them hurrying through Target.  Or why checking out takes longer because they have a handful of coupons they are hoping work.   Everyone has their reality and it is major and important and all consuming to them. 

I have appreciated the reminders my sister has given me lately.  It makes me stop and slow down and realize that this season is so full of hustle and bustle, shopping,  baking, events, and family.  It is full of commitments and expectations.  And it tends to overload people.  And their actions can come off as inconsiderate - when actually they are just distracted by major things going on in their life that day. 

I am vowing this season to smile a little more.  Slow down and give up the close parking spaces - even if I have three kids in tow.  Give myself an extra 10 minutes to get places and smile and wave if I think I have irritated someone.   Like I tell my kids when one of them has done something unkind, "be the better person - rise above and do what's right."  And as I read that phrase I realize - it isn't about being the better person but rather making the kinder choice and having an empathetic outlook on the busy world spinning around you. 

Today is "Tackle it Tuesday" and my friend Jessie and I are determined to get things done. (Do you have a friend who you can check in with as you try and tackle things during the day?  Heather and I are always talking about cleaning our bathrooms, Sarah and I always try and get things checked off our lists, Jessie and I try to be productive in the afternoons, and Lynelle pops in and gives me reason to pause and celebrate a moment not worrying about a to do list.) 
I want to get a handle on our bedroom and the laundry that needs to get put away.
I want to have the house tidy enough that I can focus on packing tomorrow afternoon.
I have a few pans of mac and cheese to make and freeze for those we love.
I want to make a "Things we are THANKFUL for tree" as a family.
I want to get the boys haircut and attempt a picture for our Xmas card that I am inspired to try....it involves all three kids sitting on our kitchen table. 
Lots to do - let's get crackin'


The Tompkins Family said...

What an important reminder. But seriously...how rude of that lady!!

I've already tackled my workout and all 3 bathrooms. Next up is focusing on the girls until naptime and then I'm going to sew some new projects and finish staining Presley's birthday present. I love productive days!

Theresa said...

She's definitely been inspiring lately! :) Love the pic of the shoes. I just got Simon a new pair in his current size AND the next one up!


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