Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Right now...

Right now, I am...

:: marveling at the quiet on this Tuesday morning as the boys are off to school and Miss Syd is  napping

:: tired and feeling a sugar low..time to hit the stash.  Does anyone else sneak a piece or two...I do feel guilty.  But I can't resist. 

:: laughing at how every year when it comes time to exit the house to trick or treat I feel overwhelmed and teary.  The posing for pictures is rushed and the hyper boys are bouncing out of control.  And Daddy wanders out of the house and closes it up like we can just leave...even though I have about a 20 minute pack up deal to complete so we have all the things we might need.  ugh.  Maybe next year we'll just leave and deal.    And this afternoon we might suit up for a few more pictures.

:: overwhelmed,  with all the thoughts from my weekend away.  I still have so much I want to think about and get straight in my head. 

:: pleasantly surprised  that my boys both grabbed up some asparagus the other night for dinner and loved it.  They thought they were green beans at first, and we didn't correct them until after they tried them.  But yipee for the new loved veggie. 

:: wondering,  if Henry will have gained his two pounds.  On Thursday he will go with to Charley and Sydney's yearly check ups.  He is hoping to have gained two pounds so he can move to a booster seat like his big brother.  I am kind of hoping he didn't...because his eating has improved 200% because he is trying to gain that weight.  He ate asparagus, finished his fruit at breakfast the last two weeks, drank milk, and is eating his veggies.

:: grateful for the friends who have talked about my weekend away with me and have enjoyed the little things I have shared.   You are keeping that feeling alive.

:: hearing  Henry tell Charley that he can't chew gum but then Charley responding that he is 7 and he sure can.  And then Charley showing this weird eyeball gobstopper type candy and Henry saying, "That might make you choke Charley."  I love that Henry is taking care of the candy monitoring for me. 

:: going to have the boys work on their countdown for Thanksgiving candy boards today or tomorrow.  And then I am thinking that I will have the candy witch come and swap out all the left over candy for the Lego Advent calendar.  Thanks Tracey for the heads up! 

:: planning on tackling Super Porridge for Miss Sydney this week/weekend. 

:: listening to Matt Kearney's CD, still loving it SOOO much.

:: inspired by friends who share their goals.

:: happy to have a haircut appointment this week.

::  stumped on how to get Miss Sydney to sleep through the night, like she did the first 4 months of her life.  She has been waking often.  And even though I love nursing her in the quiet of the night, pausing to watch her wave at me, and smile.  It would be really nice to get a full night of sleep.  

:: starting a new tradition called "Chef for the day."  Each week the boys will pick one night when they will be in charge of helping with the dinner preparation. 

:: wishing you all a wonderful  Tuesday. 

Today... we will get the house back in order.
Henry and I will do a little candy sorting and counting. 
Sydney will work on her crawling. 
And this evening things will be relaxed and slow so that we can survive the rough hours of the day as we will all be tired from last night and on sugar roller coasters. 
This post was inspired by Soule Mama.


Roz said...

Countdown to Thanksgiving board?? You've peaked my interest! Do tell more!

Also loved your idea about taking an hour on the weekend to get prepped for the following week. Will try that this weekend...I hope! :)

Anonymous said...

What kind of booster seat is Charley in? A backless booster? Does he use the car's seatbelt or a harness?

Anonymous said...

Charley has a booster with a back and then we have backless boosters for carpooling purposes. They use the seatbelt. Henry is looking forward to using the seatbelt. I want to make sure he is hitting the age, height, and weight restrictions. His Britex carseat can be used until he is WAY over 40 pounds. I am in no rush. He is. And I am using the weight to get him to eat his good for you stuff. I don't honestly think he can gain 2 pounds in two weeks. Although, if I let him go with his candy he might :)

Email me or leave your name and I can discuss further.


Raina and Andy said...

darn i left a comment and it didn't "Stick". Love this post b/c i like hearing what the boys say to eachother. Cracks me up!!! RR ps i always sneak candy

Crystal said...

I had to laugh at your comment regarding trying to get out of the house with all the crap you need and then your husband just walks out without a care in the world. Same things always happens here -- without fail, I am running around making sure we have pull-ups, snacks, camera, and anything else we need while he might help zip up a coat and think he's helping. Then he gets impatient and ends up taking the kids and getting them buckled in the car before I am even close to being finished because while getting all their junk together I totally forgot that I need to pee and put on socks before I leave the house. Such a guy thing!

I really need to get rid of the Halloween candy - it is way too dangerous for me at night when I'm doing this late night blog reading!


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