Thursday, November 10, 2011

Links I Love

A wonderful reminder for November from Soule Mama.

I ABSOLUTELY love this idea.  I always have BIG plans to make books like this but why not make it simple and capture your house.  I bet the kids would love to sit and look and hunt the pictures as they gaze at them.  And down the road it would be so fun to see how your home changes.  A lot of time Shutterfly has really big discounts or even free books.  I sit there and make the whole project soooo big that I never get it done.  But just making each page a picture instead of 5 and not worrying about people but the environment or just a holiday.  HOW COOL.  Thanks Elise Blaha.

In time, I hope I can feel full ...and that top paragraph is my life too right now.....from Clarity in the Chaos.

I LOVE THIS BLOG.  IT ALWAYS GIVES ME PAUSE.  It is a bunch of gals and they each post a picture and a deep thought.  IT IS INCREDIBLE.  And many hit me today/yesterday.  GO LOOK!  Seriously, it is a quick blog read...ALWAYS AWESOME.

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