Wednesday, November 2, 2011

And she's off (video of Syd crawling!)

And as her brothers cheer and guard their belongings...her mama is somewhat depressed.  My last is on the move.  I no longer have the content little Miss that sits on her blanket and is safe and content.  Let the cleaning begin.  I know, I know, I have been super lucky to have had her staying put for so long.  Her world just expanded and she has taken bigger steps to independence.  I am so excited for her...but selfishly, just a wee bit sad. 


Cara R. said...

I think I shall eat a puzzle today! Cute!!!

Cara R. said...

Oh, hmmm! After the video finished, a frame popped up with 4 video choices. The first three were of Sydney. The 4th was definitely NOT! It was a video of some band with "Syd" in the caption. Thought you'd want to know that, if you didn't already!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

Love the holy and mismatched socks. That is what "real" life around here is like too.

Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

things i love about this post:
-syd thinking, "get this damn toy out from under me did that get there?!"
-the momma commentary (i.e. socks..)
-the boys being happy about her moving, but yet taking away all the puzzle pieces immediately!!
hhahaha..just like a brother (sister) to do that!
GO SYD!..and congrats momma!

Raina and Andy said...

when can i visit? RR


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