Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday catch up...

The weather continues to leave us all breathless in these parts.  The afternoons are spent tromping around our yard.  And isn't it spectacular when something new and natural and slightly magical appears....

this little bugger stands about 6 inches tall.  And doesn't it look like the perfect place for a little fairy to take up residence under.
And this sweet driver is loving her little red car, just like her Grandpa Bob.  Her feet quickly move back and forth to show her excitement.  Most of the time she holds her hands at 10 and 2, as all responsible drivers should.  But at this given moment she is watching with intensity as her brothers attempt to jump crazily into a giant pile of leaves.
Perspective...keeping it all in perspective.  She is still so tiny in the grand scheme of life.  Heck, a year ago we didn't know she was going to be a girl!

And yesterday when Charley got home from school we shared our hard work and told him he had to do some jumping...

before feasting on our after school snack.  I love when I figure out something that they both enjoy...and is somewhat nutritious.  I know it would be better if they were using raisins...but heck, they are eating celery and getting a little protein...and let me reiterate that they are eating celery - and know what it is.

Miss Sydney is waving lately.  Not always when you say hi or bye bye.  But she finds great joy in extending those little hands and making you turn and give her our attention.  The other day during in class, the teacher said, "Everyone put out your hands."  And everyone followed the directions...including Miss Sydney. 

And these two, they are becoming great buds.  Henry still pushes the envelope with getting too in her face.  But I can totally understand because when you are in her midst you do just want to burrow in and snuggle. 

This afternoon I know that Charley will be expecting to play with his gang....does anyone else have a love hate relationship with having AWESOME neighborhood friends.  Love having them out there and available...but hate when causes tears at come in from outside time...and when your three year old thinks they can hear him when he shouts from the dinner table, yeah not loving that.  But, trying to just enjoy and LOVE the splendor of a neighborhood gang...because soon it will be dark at 4:30 and we will cozy in for our winter hibernation...unless of course it just means they come knocking and want to play inside....did I mention the love hate relationship that comes with neighborhood friendships.


Henry went off to preschool without tears...once we were in the car...and so his reward...a footlong hotdog at Charley's school tomorrow.  BIG stuff!  He is BIG stuff.

Sydney and I got our shopping done and she has napped for an hour and a half so far.  I am banking on one more good late afternoon snooze from the little bird.  I think when she naps well, she sleeps well through the night.

Which means half the milk needed for my Boston getaway has already been produced, pumped, and stored.  I am feeling like Ed and Grandma Charlie should be well stocked!  The countdown begins.  I need at least 10 more bottles and I have 9 more nights to get 'er done.


Anonymous said...

Syd is so cute...and for sure has her daddy's red hair! :)

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

You have such the opposite outlook on mushrooms than I do, ha! We actually had one grow up through our black top driveway, no joke. Those suckers spread.
Sydney is still so little, so cute!
Ours are bus stop friends, he would love nothing more than to have a playdate daily.

Jen said...

I love the picture of the mushroom! I'm SOOO hoping that Zoe will be into fairies and stuff like that.

Our neighborhood has an enormous amount of children. So far it has been great but I can imagine it may have some downsides as the boys get a little older.

I was just thinking today that I wasn't even pregnant with Zoe this time last year. It's amazing what a year can bring!


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