Monday, October 17, 2011

Hello Monday.

Hello Monday - short week for this full time mama. 

Hello Fall Break {Charley's home all week!}

Hello waffle batter, leftover from Sunday morning, stored in a large mason jar.

Hello Miss Sydney who now shoves every puff in her mouth and so you have to play "Puff Police" and monitor and distribute puffs at an appropriate pace.

Hello breast pump...or rather good freakin' morning because you and I have been meeting at o' too early in the morning lately. 

Hello summer different you look in just a month and a half.

Hello laundry that needs to get done.

Hello errands that need to be run with all three kids.  whoopee!

Hello fellow mom of three who looks just as frazzled and says, "Why are we doing this with three?" when we pass at Target this morning.

Hello craft hour this afternoon.  We are going to commit to hand print Halloween/ fall crafts...spiders, apple trees, and whatever else makes my skirt fly up. 

Hello pumpkin carving which the dads do most of the work.  And BIG saws and wee pumpkins are laying around :)

Hello new shoes that make me smile.

Hello the feeling of normal as the boys sit together again eating lunch, and this checked out mama is typing this in the other room.  Multitasking at it's finest. 

One last one..

Hello conversation I am listening to from the other room,

Charley, "How about we are at a restaurant and my mom is the cook?"
Henry, "Okay, how about my mom is the cook too."
Charley, "no."
Henry, "I go poopy.  How about your mom wipes me after I go?"

What are you saying "Hello" to this fabulous Monday?

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Goings on at the Glenn's said...

kids are so funny. The things they say. You reminded me that I need to eat something. How does one forget to do that? Oh yes I'm a mother of 3 too!

shellycoulter said...

Hello to my first cold of the season ---an eye that wont stop watering and a nose that wont stop running. And hello to two boys that must sense mama isn't at full speed because they have been little sweetie-pies all day!

shellycoulter said... all the pictures and your header! :)

Colleen said...

the conversation made me laugh out loud! :)
Love to see what you are saying Hello to this Monday!
Jack and I said Hello to a friend's new baby girl---Jack's first time seeing mamma with a baby in her arms.....he tried to climb up my leg and sit in my lap. We are in for some big transitions around here, pretty soon....

Grandma Charlie said...

I, too, am laughing out loud reading this on a cold November-like morning. So funny.

Danifred said...

Love those shoes! I said hello to a day of puzzles and books with Bean yesterday.


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