Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall break.
We are taking it slow and easy this week.
We have no big plans on our calendar for Monday - Wednesday. 

And I'm leavin'
     on a jet plane.
Don't know when I'll be back again.....

Just kidding.  I do know when I will return and I will be anxious to return as soon as I leave.  But I plan to enjoy every second too.  I haven't shared exactly where and what I am doing...soon.  Very soon.

Ed and I are going to master "Face Time" on our iPhones so that if Miss Syd decides to crawl forward...I can be there.

So yesterday...I am soaking in every second with my tribe so that when I leave on Thursday I can feel like it is okay.  Why is it that I spend MORE time with my kids than many of the moms I know, because I am still in the trenches of the early years and I stay at home with them...but yet, I feel like it is going to fast and I am missing things all the time.  Geez.  Loony.  I am loony.

Anyways, had meant to stick to the facts and not get all emotional or deep.  Soooo, yesterday...
We did a few crafts. We did a little science.

 This is the underwater volcano the boys worked together to create.

We headed to Charley's conference, where he once again made us proud. They have the book sale going on so Miss Sydney got to pick a book.

Some of you commented or emailed asking to see the photo wall I did.  I am still working on the finishing touches.  I had planned it all out with newspaper.  And then we attempted to follow that plan and it got really tricky, due to the frames I purchased.  So one day, I grabbed the hammer, and the boys stood nervously and watched, and I went for it.  And I am pretty happy with it.  There is one frame that is different and I can't hang it.  Ed will have to.  And I need a few more frames and the letters I am spray painting to add in.  So it isn't complete.  But this wall is right across from our laundry room in a narrow hallway.  So the fact that the pictures aren't perfectly straight all the time, given that I have boys running through here, is fine.  No one is standing far back taking in the whole wall where it will be obvious that I did it free for all.  I also still have to get pictures for many of the frames.  But I love it.  There are two different types of frames.  The black frames are all the same but different sizes.  They are from IKEA and I love them.  And then there are small no frame glass frames...if that makes sense.  And those area also from IKEA.   I saw them at Micheal's for almost 3 times as much.  At IKEA they sell them in packs of four for 4.99 or something.  At Micheal's they were like 2.99 a piece.  Yipee! 

So there is a little update on life here.  Time to clean the bathrooms for Grandma Charlie's arrival tomorrow.  Get last minute groceries.  And pack my suitcase.  We are all keeping our eyes outside today...they predict a few flakes to fall today.  We'll see.  Henry did wear his winter jacket to school today...with a smile (yes, we walked him in but he did it with a smile). 

Charley is enjoying some big boy time playing his Play Station 3 Star Wars game while Henry is at school.
Sydney is being a stinker and not napping yet this morning.  Which means we will be home bound for the rest of the day. 
I am enjoying plenty of warm drinks, lamps, and candles today. 

Do share something about your day...pretty please!  Make it juicy, inspiring, or surprising!


Peggy, Jason, Lily and Connor said...

Loving your bats and think I'll try it with my kids. Sitting at Applebees alone on a work trip. Eating shrimp veg pasta thing.
Have fun this weekend!

Anonymous said...

I am sick today =(. So nice that Kerry can take a sick day to take care of the kids for me. I love your picture wall and crafts and Sydney looks so cute with that book! Jamie Trampe

Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Book fair, and conference time. Also procrastinating finishing the reorganization of our basement.

Anonymous said...

So not juicy...but made me think of you and what you wrote about Henry's name. I was working on the letters Tommy's name and trying to get him to ID them. We got the T and the O. Then, he ran to the newspaper ad and pointed out an O. Hmm...got me thinking. Cut out a bunch of Ts, Os, Ms...and have him sort them and glue on a sheet of paper. One sheet per letter.


Anonymous said...

Loved that the boys are wearing googles for their science project. Have been contemplating a picture wall myself---LOTS of WORK! Excited for your get-a-way! Much needed break.


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