Friday, October 7, 2011

Cease your work, look around.

"In the name of God, stop a moment.
Cease your work, look around."
-Leo Tolstoy

This picture was taken around this time last year.  We had travelled north for the spectacular Apple Fest Weekend.  I was 24 weeks pregnant.  I LOVE being pregnant.  I relish feeling confident about the belly and not feeling like I have to diet, suck it in, or wear shirts that hide a bulge that society makes us think we need to hide.   If you are pregnant, yes Sister Raina - I am talking to you, CHERISH it all.  And wear a too tight shirt this weekend after you get home from working.  And rub that belly.  And think about how in a year you will have a child holding both your hands!  And let me tell you, having a child holding each hand takes your breath away.

This year, I will tote a Miss Sydney along with us.  She will dress like a pretty girl, of course with the weather in mind.  Tights I think.  Maybe some booties and a cozy hat.  And I will pause.  I will take in the family.  the friends.  the atmosphere.  The joy of being part of a family that has brought a tradition to my life that I look forward to each year, who doesn't love knowing that every year there is a chance, where no one hesitates to down an apple sundae, caramel apple, and some cider all in one hour.

Fall is here.  The wind is blowing through our house.  It looks like rain, and oh how we need it so badly.  But today I have some little boys here to play.  And I know that some fresh air would be delightful for all of us. 

This weekend, even if you are working, cease your work for a moment, look around, and realize that the NOW is so precious and changes each day.  Teeth come in, teeth fall out, crawling begins, riding a bike without training wheels starts...the list goes on. 

What has changed in your life in the last year?  in the last week?  in the last hour? 

Celebrate it.  Notice it.  It is worth it. 


Heather (One Take On Life) said...

Sounds like a fun weekend, enjoy it! I hope it doesn't rain here, I want to do something fun this weekend.

shellycoulter said...

Good post. But now I'm a blubbering mess. Enjoy your weekend!

Barb said...

YES!! Raina, get a groove on with that new vibrant baby look! Now is the time and you are gorgeous.

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

thanks for the reminder. I needed that just now. Breathe....


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