Friday, September 2, 2011

Summer CD not a summer song

Every summer there is a song that stands out to me as my "summer song."  It is the song that is often played on the radio or it has a message that makes me smile.  By mid-summer my boys usually can identify it if we hear it out and about somewhere..."Hey mama!  This is your summer song."

Midwinter...when the dreary cold MN days start to drag...if my "summer song" plays it puts a hop in all of our steps.

This summer I announced my summer song early.  I then posted it a few times with a you tube there is an actual video...Here is my "summer song"  ...Hey Mama by Mat Kearney.  But get this...then I got an email asking if I wanted to review his newest CD...the one with this song on it.  Isn't that crazy!  The CD arrived and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT.  I have reviewed other Cd's and liked the Cd's enough.  BUT THIS ONE HAS played nonstop on two 5 hour road trips this summer.  The boys don't mind it.  I can sing along to every song and EVERY. SINGLE. SONG is fabulous.

Here is Hey Mama...which is all about how he met his wife.  LOVE IT!

This is my other FAVORITE.

But this one is great too.

This entire CD is easy to listen to.  It has upbeat foot tapping moments and other moments that are more mellow, but they all have great rhythm.

So this summer - I think I can't say I have a summer song.  I actually have a summer CD and Mat Kearney has won the number one spot in my car CD player.

I SERIOUSLY, with all my heart, recommend this CD!

I received this CD to listen to and then review via One to One Networking.  This is my honest opinion.  I truly LOVE this CD. 

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