Monday, August 22, 2011

If I don't go home...

will time freeze.
will summer pause.
will Charley's first grade year not start.
will this summer of having a 6 year old, 3 year old, and 7 month old last forever.
Probably not.

Daddy misses us.
We left last Thursday on an adventure north to visit his parents, Grandpa Ed and Grandma Charlie. Some might say I am am Daughter-in-law of the year and other's might say they are Mother and Father in law of the year...putting up with me and my tribe for many days. Either way, it is easy to visit, relax, and be there, with or without Ed.  I am lucky to be a part of such a wonderful family. We planned to stay until Sunday. That turned into leaving on Monday, and that finally ended with returning home on Tuesday...which is tomorrow.

It is hard to travel on my own with three...and when I get somewhere and unload everything it is hard to imagine leaving...add to that a Grandma that plays, the fresh north air sleeping, woods for the boys to play in, and yummy makes leaving hard.

Plus, we had lots of things on our hopes and dreams list for this week...

Blueberry picking

 Notice Charley's hand was up shoving his picked berries right into his mouth. 
 Even grandpa had to do a drive by and check in with us!  Making sure we hadn't been eaten by a bear!

Visitor's Center - three times...once coming into town, once for a Smokey the Bear meet and greet and just plain exploring, and then this morning for a timber/ logging mini class.

Ferry Boat ride out to the island... the boys were excited to get to the island and we kept explaining that it was the boat ride that we were trying to enjoy.  But on the island we also got ice cream and sat by the lake and the boys actually played in the water in their clothes. 

Ice Cream...twice, smore's, donuts...

Pickles...we learned how to make them and we all helped!

This was the first trip where the boys really got into playing in the woods.  Grandma helped them construct a really neat fort built with sticks and ferns.  I will share more pictures of that soon.  But Henry LOVED going out and playing lumberjack. 

As I reflect back on the summer... 

I am so glad that we have done all that we have done.  And this trip, I am so glad that we took our time leaving.  Because we fit in so much fun. 


Danifred said...

What a wonderful set of pictures!

Anonymous said...

I love those pictures! A loving family, a great camera, and an amazingly beautiful place. And, how much do Sydney and Henry look alike in the pic in the top and in the middle! Wow!


Raina and Andy said...

sooooooooo glad you got in a few shots. you look SO GREAT sarah! what a little tribe. i bet ed misses you guys a lot when you're gone. sometiem i'd love to be invited to grandma charlies-just so i could sleep in the northwoods and smell the wonderful food/breakfasts I know she makes! haha RR

Grandma Charlie said...

Anytime, Raina, you and your family are welcome; the guest room is ready!

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 said...

This is the sweetest post with the best pictures...ah, Summer.


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