Tuesday, August 9, 2011

here's my thing...baby food

I know that not everyone has a desire to make their own baby food.
I didn't think I would either.
It does take time...I did carrots from our farmer's market on Sunday and it took probably 30 minutes. And just now I did sweet potatoes and it took 20 minutes. And when I tell you it took 30 minutes I mean it took 30 minutes to make 30 cubes of babyfood...and right now for Sydney each cube is one meal...since she eats so little.

But here's the thing...when you buy baby food it generally costs $0.80 - $1.30 a jar (about two - three cubes)depending on whether you buy organic or not. And you have a glass jar or plastic container you have to toss. But my carrots were 2 dollars for a huge clump at our farmers market. So right there you know you are saving a TON of money.

Here's the other thing. When I make the carrots they are pretty thick. WAY thicker than the stores. So I have to add water. And so the truth...when you buy a jar of baby food the amount of actual fruit or veggie in there is so small...and my cubes can probably double since I will have to add liquid to them for Miss Syd right now.

The biggest thing...when you buy any combination jar that includes blueberries...there is probably less than one to three blueberries in that jar because the amount of blueberry it takes to make it the color that jarred baby food color is so little. A few blueberries purred will make it super dark..

Anyways, I know it is not everyone's cup of tea. And I was lucky to have a mother in law that came and got me started. And I have never done half of what some moms (my sister in law) did for their little one. Not everyone has the time or the desire. But I just am amazed at the process that works for me. The amount of money it saves and the taste...if you try Sydney's apples, avocados, peas, carrots, or sweet potatoes...you would easily eat it. And I think that is the point...right?

Have you made your own babyfood?  What's your favorite or your childs :)?
What was a trick that helped make it easy?

And if you are interested but are not sure where to start...give me a shout out and I would be glad to get you going...it's all about support. 


Anonymous said...

Love this for all the same reasons you listed! Less expensive and nice thing to do FOR your little one. Love it. Used rr's rocket which was FAST AND EASY!!! froze them through and stored in ziplock and plucked one or two out at a time...making combinations when they are ready! Take an afternoon and make 5 or 6 foods and it's less time and will last a LONG time!! Have fun!

The Mama said...

I made my own baby food as well, well, most of it at least. Applesauce I thought was cheaper to buy, but that was just me. May not be the case anymore.

Seems to be the case with most things though. Definitely takes time to make more breakfasts/lunches/dinners from (mostly) scratch, or just make it homemade, but it definitely seems cheaper and lasts longer these days!

The Tompkins Family said...

I'm still making baby food. I find it really doesn't take that much time...I will just choose something we'd have for supper (say sweet potatoes), roast a bunch of them, have everyone eat them and then puree the rest and freeze. Then it's hardly even making any extra work for myself! I've tried the jarred stuff and usually have a couple on hand in case we go out somewhere for the day and I know I won't be able to heat a frozen cube but honestly, mine just tastes better!

Theresa said...

I will probably be asking you about it someday in the future. I was all about the convenience when Simon was a baby, but I would be interested in doing it for number two!

Goings on at the Glenn's said...

way to go! Making your own baby food is a toooonn cheaper. And I think your baby will be better off for it too. Emma just had her first taste of rice cereal yesterday. So fun for her but a bit sad for me knowing she is growing up so fast. What do you use to puree your baby food?

Raina and Andy said...

i surprised myself when E was a baby and made the effort to make real baby food for him too. i was so proud of myself and so amazed when it turned out. loved it and will do it again. love hearing your stories. eli probably ate healthier than me at that time :) RR


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